Lights Going Out All Over?

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03/15/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I’m obviously not being incendiary enough; stats are profoundly down here and elsewhere. I’m not sure if I trust WP stats, of course; they seem incapable of accurate tracking.

I am losing heart a bit – not because of my stats – but because things like this, bad enough?  Are going to get far, far worse.  And yet, you simply cannot convince the Trump voters, the Fox News fans, etc — that reality is not a show on television?

In any case, as life is extremely hectic presently, I’m going to STOP beating myself until my morale improves. Posting may be light and brief for the next couple months because my personal pattern of shit hitting fan is way more than full.

I wonder if people are giving up, ducking heads, hiding more?  I get that feeling myself from time to time.  My other blog, the more personal, exploratory one – Steel Kachinas – is now a private blog.  If you wish to be an invited reader there, you may ask…I won’t promise to admit just anyone.  The things we (we few, we proud, we magical?) will discuss there?  Well, I think a lot of people might be afraid to discuss such things in a completely open forum – and that makes it hard to get things done.  But I won’t lie, so far, almost nobody seems even mildly interested.  So I could just be full of shit!

Aside from letting a sort of paranoia drive me partially underground?  Well, welcoming home and preparing a place for a Marine veteran (and soon his wife) is occupying ferocious amounts of time, effort, and cash.  In addition, we are preparing for the imminent loss of our Manchild – love in the mountains summons him by summer.  So more household upheaval and furniture moving gyrations loom large.

This is complicated by the sudden need to launch my own personal small scale Butlerian Jihad.  I am sick to death of “smart appliances.”  They cost twice what normal ones do and last only 1/3 to 1/2 as long.  So FUCK THAT SHIT.  My six year old washer died this past week — the repair costs estimated at $1000 or more; for a machine that did not COST that much new.  THIS shit is why landfills are full of everything.  NOTHING is affordably repairable any more.  So I bought a new machine, a dumb machine that will last 25 years.  Anything with a fucking circuit board in it that is not an actual computer is in my fucking cross-hairs to be replaced as soon as I can manage it.

Of course, to make it fit in the tiny laundry room, we had to move out a chest freezer and the big old Maytag Kegerator.  The first is shoved into the evolving Marine-Marital-Nest(MMN); the latter is back inside the house after much work and shoving.  And it may be moved one more time to put the massive Kegerator into a corner where it looks slightly less looming in the small den.  After delivery of the new Speed Queen washer on Thursday?  We also must move my semi-smart refrigerator to the MMN before we move the freezer back to the laundry room.  A used and reconditioned not smart old Kitchenaid fridge is replacing the too small smarter model.  And you get the idea — furniture and appliance musical chairs — oy!  Oh, and yes, massive mountains of laundry for all the household members!

I am definitely too old for this shit!


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