Wednesday’s Ashes

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03/08/2017 by syrbal-labrys

If I were still Catholic, what would I have given up last Wednesday? Oh, the list of things I’d like to SEE given up is very long indeed.

I’d like to kick some GOP ass about the abortion that is Trump-care; which rewards the rich and young and healthy for being those things and basically kicks everyone else in the throat for NOT being those things.  Oh, and you “wimmens”?  Stop expecting “more healthcare” for being female, ok?  Never mind you only have to BIRTH the fucking species.  Really, time to go Lysistrata on these assholes.

Which brings me to THIS asshole from fucking KansASS who thinks poor people “don’t want” health care – “morally, spiritually, socially…” which makes me think HE sullies those three words by daring to say them.

I’d LIKE to give up  this girl’s school teacher (possibly to hungry polar bears).  The Amerindian tribes are allegedly “sovereign nations” – so technically, the salute the the red, white, and blue is not a salute to any flag of THEIRS.  Also, if I was to salute the total fuck job Amerindians just got at Standing Rock, I’d tell ’em where to shove it, too.

Then I’d “give up” a LOT of “colossal assholes” like this one.

Then?  Well, I’d kind of like to kick someone or other in Washington State.  A dear veteran friend and his family are going through hell.  Their daughter was buried last month; the dead woman’s twin infant children were abused by the father to the point that one is slowly dying and the other likely will have cerebral palsy.  We planned to go spend the day with the grieving grandfather on his death watch.  But no, the child is a sort of “evidence” and the State has decreed NOBODY except the grandfather (not even grandma!) can visit the child.  Wow, way to go with compassion for an entire family that is wrecked!  Oh, and never mind that if this had been a white family it would have been on the news; but since it is a black family nobody appears to give a damn.

Yes, fill that goddamned glass UP.



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