So Muslim Citizens Suspect As Well? Reality Checks A-Bounce!

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02/26/2017 by syrbal-labrys

attachment-1You don’t have to come from the White House patented list of seven “bad hombre” countries to be jerked around in an airport.  They stopped American born and bred Muhammad Ali Jr. and kept him for some time, questioning him about his religion.  So, we are back to freedom of same-old-white-guy-shitty-version-of-Christianty religion?

What else should we expect from an Administration that has a new attack dog “aide” who threatens over Twitter tweets to sue or sic the White House “legal counsel” on the authors.

And you know how the news blared that President Pussy Grabber went to meet the casket and family of the brave heroically dead Navy SEAL?  What they didn’t blare was that the family declined to meet T-45 and that they are pissed off and want the “stupid mission” investigated!

T-45’s guru, Steve-whiter-than-thou-Bannon, has now openly said the Cabinet picks are to destroy what they are in charge of so that your government can decay away.  Shouldn’t that be called treason or sedition?  But I diverge; this has already been tried.  Kansas has been working on this for over a decade, it was the goal to “wither” away government.  Instead, what has withered is infrastructure!  The Kansas GOP has finally had enough of it.

In the good news?  I hear Tacoma has an Indivisible group of it’s own!  Soon as I find where the next meeting is?  I am THERE!


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