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02/21/2017 by syrbal-labrys

vformeadThey keep telling us all these draconian Muslim immigrant bans are for our safety, right?  Then precisely what threat did a Welsh teacher pose, traveling with his class until he was taken away from them on US orders, in Iceland?  He is a British citizen, but a Muslim — my goodness, one would think those poor guys just randomly explode or something!

Similarly, the undocumented immigrants being rounded up under the line about “dangerous, violent criminals”?  Many are simply unfortunate, like a woman trying to get a order so her boyfriend has to stay away and not beat her — but she has a record for NON-violent crimes and NO outstanding warrants — and is deported.  So we destroy families; haven’t we learned how that is what radicalizes young people through despair and hatred?   We are creating a generation that just may hate us enough for it to be a homegrown pack of terrorists in ten years.  Treating people as T-45 does is what creates the very thing his administration wants us to fear.

So when this blogger tells you how fascism creeps like a fox into the sleeping hens? Listen!  History is not boring, it is depressingly predictable.  It really is time to pull out all the stops (stoppers?  corks?) to fight what will be made “great” in America under the current leadership.  I won’t be the only one thinking about vendettas, if we continue to act as if everyone not an old white guy is disposable.


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