Oh, And Also? Congressman Dave Reichert is a Wussy!

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02/18/2017 by syrbal-labrys

1a kissLet me not mince words. I HATE my Congressman. He is a former cop with the worst of cop “I know better than you” attitudes, with a sickeningly sweet sauce of uber-Christian platitudes and patriarchal bullshit. Yum, right?

He is also a wussy scaredy cat.  Quote from my Washington Democrats Communications Team email:

“Across the country, people are speaking out to defend health care and the Affordable Care Act and to hold Republicans accountable for the disgraceful acts of the Trump Administration. Members of Congress work for us, and it’s part of their job to listen to their constituents.

Here in Washington, our Republican members of Congress are taking a different approach. The Seattle Times reports that Republicans are REFUSING to schedule town hall meetings during the Congressional recess next week:

What Reichert refuses to do — despite a push by many in his district — is show up and answer questions in person at a traditional town-hall meeting.

Reichert, who declined to be interviewed for this story, views such gatherings — a time-honored practice for many in Congress — as pointlessly chaotic.”


Gee, Dave, you aren’t so brave when they take that damned nightstick away from you, are you?

Of course, it is something beyond merely ironic that his apparently majority GOP constituents are SO pissed at something/one they fucking voted FOR in the November election.  T-45 SAID he would kill their healthcare.  Isn’t it peculiar that he is such a blatant liar that they didn’t believe him?


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