Either With Them Or Against Them

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02/18/2017 by syrbal-labrys

attachment-1What a week, eh? My first notice was that the GOP who screamed that “Obamacare” deductibles were too high and networks too narrow are not quite out of the gate with their own plan with higher deductibles and even more narrow networks.  Apparently, it is ok if you are a Republican; they can do ANYthing that screamed at the Dems about — like deny a SCOTUS nominee a hearing, sweep creeping treason under the rug while screaming about emails and Benghazi.  And T-45 isn’t responsible for ANYthing, either, just so you know.  It’s just so fucking hard to get good minions help these days!  No wonder the poor over-worked bastard keeps wasting your tax dollars running off to Florida every fucking weekend. (Oh, and BILLING the government for his time at his resort.)

And how about that press conference, eh?  So many things made my head spin that I felt like I could double for Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.”  Good thing I was sitting down, I might have broken something falling from the dizziness.

‘Course, he looked for a slightly less “tough room” – Twitter rolls instead of a room of reporters, before he said how he really feels.   Then he named the press as “enemy of the American people”.  Wow, guess that relegates Al Queda, the Taliban, and ISIL to their proper place, right?  So, if we hark back to “W” Bush telling us we are either with him or against him, as a way of deciding who the enemies were?  I guess I might need a new tattoo or something to self-designate.  You know, just on the off chance that I might forget  (while lie-dizzied) which side I am on?

I am definitely with THEM – with the press.  Damaged bunch of morons that some of them are, in spite of them helping create this fucking monstrosity of an Administration by giving him free sensationalized press, they are NOT the enemy.  Frankly, I usually rate traitors above reporters in the scheme of “those to line up against a wall for shooting.”

So yes, I stand with the press and do so deeply hope a fellow intel analyst is right when he says of T-45, “He will die in jail.”  My only slight giggle this week?  Came from the suggestion at Daily Kos, that all his SCOTUS ideas be rejected since T-45 is “back on the campaign trail” for 2020!  Wow, he really is addicted to crowds of stupid people screaming his name in joy, isn’t he?  Fuck doing the goddamned job — just campaign on the taxpayers dollars for the entire four years?  Oh, damn….dizzy again!

:::abruptly sits back in chair::::



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