Pre-Emptive Smears?

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02/11/2017 by syrbal-labrys

Keep pouringSo, the Army Corps of Engineers decided that silly Environmental impact Statement was trumped (ha-ha/boo hiss) by a Presidential Executive Order?  The North Dakota Access Pipeline will go through.  And the Indian Tribe?  The “sovereign nation” whose broken treaties  are not paid attention to by rich white guys squeezing the last profits from fossil fuel?  They will fight in court.

The protestors who went home are coming back.  And American veterans are coming back to stand between tribal elders and the militarized cops.  I am glad they are there.  I want to go very badly, but I am sure my age and current sickly physical condition would make me a liability, not an aid.  So my money is going instead of me.

And the government?  The protect and serve sorts?  Not so fucking much.  A pre-emptive smear has begun.  The FBI terrorism task force is “investigating” the protestors.  You know what happens in post-9-11 America if you can label someone a “terrorist” don’t you?  It means you can do anything and their citizens rights cease to matter.  It means people supporting the protest from afar, people like me, can be charged with “supporting terrorism.”

Look out America!  If they start labeling anyone engaging in their Constitutional right to protest as a “terrorist” — it really is a short walk to banana republic-ville.  Of course, the GOP are suddenly a bit terrified by their own constituents.  MY Congress-critter – Republican Dave Reichert?  Since he was once a cop in Seattle, other terrified little asshats of his party asked how to be safe at community meetings full of angry voters.  They are pissing off their base and pissing their pants over it.  Reichert says they should make sure they have a back door and not glass doors, because “it’s toxic out there”.  Gee, I do just wonder, who pissed in the happy voter pool, eh?


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