As If We Need To Say It – Boycott Trump Brands


02/05/2017 by syrbal-labrys


…stay at a Trump Hotel
…watch “The Apprentice” or “Celebrity Apprentice”
…watch “Miss Universe” — Come on, I need to even say that?
…forget Faux Nooz, even if T-45 doesn’t own it, it’s his mouthpiece.
…Dr. Pepper and 7-Up advertise on his shows. Fuck them, drink BEER or water!
…Omaha Steaks, another sponsor. Buy local beef instead.
…Onstar. Fuck that anyhow, I can’t afford a car with this in it anyhow.
…Australian Gold sunscreen. You need some Vitamin D anyway.
…Camping World. ANY other outdoor store will do as well.
…Enterprise Rent-a-Car. They kind of suck anyway, trust me on this.
…Clorox (!?) Really? Well, I am allergic to bleach anyhow…
…Sprint. Not that they don’t all suck equally….
…Bristol-Myers Squibb. Big pharma with Him? Say it ain’t so? Bwahahahahah!
…Disney. Well, they been making women look helpless and all awaiting-my-prince forever?
…NBC – not that they have much worth watching anyway. Gee, is there a trend here?
…Sentient Jet. Like I hire a private jet, like, EVER.
…Trump International Realty. Anything with THAT name, ok?
…Donald J. Trump Foundation – because SURE he gives it to charity. A starving artist who paints HIS portrait counts.
…Trump Casinos — hurry, before He bankrupts all of them?
…Trump Books – wait, he knows what a BOOK is?
…Trump Canadian Services, Inc – Uh, wha?
…Trump University. Hey, Phoenix will rise from the ashes first.
…Trump Follies LLC – are they talking about WH news conferences??
…Trump Ice – bottled water? I DID say drink BEER.
…Trump Wine – yes, drink BEER.
…Ivanka’s Fashion Line


One thought on “As If We Need To Say It – Boycott Trump Brands

  1. It depends on the brand of beer too. I don’t have a complete list, but I do know that Yeungling beer contributed heavily to the Trump campaign. I know people who stopped drinking Yeungling for that reason alone. Coors contributes heavily to the Republican Party. Some of them hedge their bets & contribute to both parties. The wine & hard liquor industry is the same way. So it would be good to check your favorite brand’s politics before imbibing. IF you can even figure them out. Most people will give up & just get another drink.

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