Back To Treading … Uh, Water?

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02/03/2017 by syrbal-labrys

trump-bannerJust what are we swimming in, eh?  I walked away from blogging or routine news watching for a mere four days.  I feel like I came back to a tsunami of shit!  Consider the links in this post both reason to despair – and reason to get mad enough to resist and fight.

First?  I will be walking the Labyrinth today in an icy rain for Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens who died in Trump’s very first little military adventure in Yemen.  You know, the one Obama did NOT stamp “ok”?  The one that killed more civilians than militants?  The one that saw an Osprey crash-land and need destroyed?  The raid wherein a little girl who actually WAS a US citizen died of a neck wound?  The one he didn’t even personally “manage” from the Situation Room?  After all, he can’t be losing sleep after watching late night television, while mere people are fighting and dying, can he?

Normally, I might cut a brand new CIC a bit of slack (specially  a total hereditary draft-dodger with NO military experience) – but everything ELSE the man my son calls T-45 (for Trump, 45th President, but sounds like a sub-par Terminator model, eh?), suggests he doesn’t need slack in his leash.  He needs a freaking shock collar to reel him back to normal!  Because as T-45’s spokes-twit has made clear that little dead girl was likely no “normal” citizen – but more of a scary Islamic-immigrant-style-terrorist-larvae.  IF Spicer had read more history, he doubtless would have quoted the sort of US Cavalry Indian killing officer who, when questioned about killing children (or handcuffing them?), “Nits make lice.”  Even the wee tiny ones, apparently.

It has also been horrible on the DAPL fight in North Dakota.  The law enforcement claims the final easement is granted; protestors say it has not.  The news is being notoriously silent on the facts, it is almost as if (shock!) they don’t want us citizens to really know?  As #4 on this list says — water is becoming an unaffordable necessity in America.  We should ALL know how to fight for our right to water!

Also, it is apparently ok for crazy people to have guns again.  Wasn’t that the cry as death counts mounted, that guns didn’t kill people — but crazy people DID?  Apparently, crazy people have a holy Second Amendment right to have the ability to kill anyone randomly.  Playing soon at a theater near YOU.  (Too soon, is that one still too soon?)  Maybe what we will be treading in is soon to be BLOOD?

In other, Nazi-Almost-Spring news?  Well, he is using the fascist playbook again to now make existing immigrants seem criminal.  I mean, Bannon can’t wait to get rid of all these dark people so America can be greatly (bigly?) white again?  Lest you think I’m the sort to let anyone else off the hook; oh, hell NO!  I’m with Hannah (Arendt, that is) on resisting.    After all, if Ivanka’s dear husband’s Grannie was alive, SHE would stand with Hannah.  What can you do when lying liars just tell even more outrageous lies about “massacres” that never happened?

Even while I was making inarticulate screaming sounds this week, and attending a funeral for a mere girl, I was attempting to call and then writing letters to my Senators almost DAILY — telling them to filibuster the horror that is the SCOTUS pick by T-45.  I’ve been telling them to block his Cabinet appointments.  I have to say, Sen. Murray sounds properly disgusted by her choices.  Sen. Cantwell has made a few distressingly spineless “finding common ground” noises in her return emails — so she is hovering on my “fuck THAT bitch” list.

The week is not a total loss.  The GOP plan to sell over three million acres of public land has come to a halt as people gave Chaffetz hell.  Is this where we make a joke about separating chaff from wheat?

Seattle decided to tell Wells Fargo to fuck off, because of their funding of the DAPL asshats.

Pants-0n-fire Spicer got called up short for trying to pass off a Faux-Nooz story of Iran attacking a US Navy ship.  Doubtless this makes it harder for T-45 to easily start a nice little war with Iran so he can be a big military hero leader like Georgie W?  I mean, once Bush started a couple wars, everyone stepped back and let him have his way, right?

Way to kick anti-Semitism in the pants!  Because yes, most Muslims are also a Semitic people.  Solidarity!

And at least we have now got more to read from the like-minded, horror-shrouded majority of us with functioning brains!  Really, this site will make you feel BETTER!  I mean reading about Caligula with quotes from our own version?  Seriously diverting and manic laughter inducing!


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