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01/28/2017 by syrbal-labrys

1proud tbThe Gaslighter in Chief and his supporters just keep screaming, “Great, fantastic, fabulous!” They could be right about the “fabulous” bit — it certainly seems like something out of a dystopian fable.  A blogger I respect calls the Gaslighter in Chief, “The Wizard of Ooze,” and he has it about right.  The man would not know what a “moral compass” is if he was hit upside the head with one.

I know what it is like to be gaslighted.  My own abusive mother was a past-master.  When I had children, for instance, she very sanctimoniously told me “The key to raising children is to never tell them to do anything you KNOW they won’t do!”  Oh, really?  Like what, short of murder or mayhem, would that have been, I wanted to ask her.  Since denying her will in anything got one beaten or starved.  And then being told you were neither starved or beaten, oh, that is the best part of gaslighting.

The new head of state is gaslighting America; following Hitler’s dictum about repeating a lie often enough that it is believed.  Psychologists have taught us how false memories are created in vulnerable minds.  They initially worried about victims of sexual assault being “taught” accusations to level.  But really, is there a “topic” limit?  Obviously, Americans can be taught that rain is sunshine, empty is full, sparse is crowded.  Alternative facts?  Wow, and these same people don’t believe in gender fluidity?

I prefer real facts.  Facts like the Holocaust occurring, for instance.  I spent part of my childhood in post-WWII Germany.  My friends were black American soldiers’ kids and old German men and women.  I learned a lot from both.  I learned from being punished by my father for hanging out with the first, and from my mother from being punished for liking the latter.

So when I tell you that it matters when older folk who survived that era tell us America now reminds them of their desperate, threatened youth? You should listen.  Don’t be a bystander.  Don’t put that “safety pin” on your jacket unless you intend to actually rise to the occasion of stepping out of a silent crowd to stop an act of inhumanity!



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