The Winter of MY Discontent Is Made NOT Glorious….

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01/27/2017 by syrbal-labrys

attachment-1It is a a shitty year, we can all agree, right?

I begin it 20 lbs overweight; mind you, till September last year, I was facing only a battle to drop ten pounds. But election jitters froze me in front of the idiot box and I ate not-at-all until starved and ravenous when I then ate very badly indeed.  That is just the outward symptom of everything happening (1) in my head, and (2) all around me in an America spiraling into discord and disarray.  While the 1/3 that love Frump/Tense and 1/3 of the losing Democratic Party try to act as if this is normal?!  Alternative facts, my round humanist fanny!

My mailbox is full of never-ending and overwhelming reports of the chaos being wrought by a man who has no time and patience for security reports, doesn’t read books, but does watch Fox News.  I will focus on the three or four that fire my outrage engine the hottest.  Nobody can do it all.  I will doubtless continue displaying the full array of things to do, aside from giving Frump/Tense the finger or not-punching racists (because frankly, those bastards are not worth a jail term); but mostly?  I will writhe internally.

It is the hypocrisy that makes me want to snap necks and refuse to piss down throats where hearts are afire.  Seven kinds of hell was raised all last year about Hillary Clintons private email server.  But 42% of voters-for-asshats think it is alright if Pussy-Grabber-in-chief uses a personal email server AS POTUS. What the fuck?  The same asshole racist/misogynists (and YES, if you voted for him you ARE) STILL have signs in their yards saying Hillary Clinton should be jailed for her email servers.  Give me a fucking break.  Both sides of YOUR Frump/Tense voting jaws would work for me, ok?

Yesterday, at lunch, right before I left the table?  Two women told me how “great” the newest idiot in office was doing.  Great, eh?  So, it is great that in one week, he has signed so many Executive Orders for things he should be able to win with control of the House and Senate?  It’s “great” that he intends to spend $15 billion on a Wall between the US and Mexico, but basically “outsource” America’s failing infrastructure work (like roads and bridges) to American businesses in return for tax credits?  Why doesn’t he outsource to business his fucking racist wall?  Likely because he knows those “bidness”men are ALL about hiring the Mexicans for cheap pay and shut mouths?

And to see the likes of Elizabeth Warren say Ben Carson is qualified for ANY governmental job makes me want to vomit.  No, her Facebook post that basically is “this is how things are done” did NOT reassure me; it pissed me off even more.  It reminds me just how supine the Democrats in Congress freaking ARE; when what we need is sublime leadership and FIGHT!  Mind you, the fucking GOP members of Congress did not care “how things are done” ALL through Obama’s years.  They blocked him filling court vacancies, they stonewalled the Affordable Care Act.  The GOP just said NO, again and again.  But Democrats apparently are incapable of doing that even though their plaintive, pissy little “Yeses” are votes for chaos and looting. I do NOT want “things” done. I want the “things” these yahoos want done STOPPED. Stopped cold.

I’m furious.  I’ve been emailing my Senators almost daily.  And doing other things to say “HELL, NO!” and remind the minority in Congress that I don’t give a shit how things “are done” — I want them to FIGHT.  Because there comes a time when doing things as usual ends in piles of bodies and national devastation.  Go ask Alice the Germans if you really flunked history class, ok?  Make no mistake, these people do not “dialogue” in any real sense of the word.  Freedom of the press is about to mean “shut up or go to jail.”  Are you worried yet?  You really should be, because if Bannon tells the media to shut up, can YOU be far behind?

I suddenly have a tiny inkling of how firefighters in California must feel in wildfire season.  The entire world around them is on fire, but there are only so many hoses and so much water.  And the “state” isn’t sending them more.  Thank you Dems in Congress — your “base” and the rest of America is out here twisting in the wind while YOU explain to us “how things are done”?


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