Holocaust Remembrance Day – Never Again, Or Just Till Now?

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01/27/2017 by syrbal-labrys

photoToday is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I don’t imagine that is being tweeted about from the White House.  But back in 1939, before the slaughter really got started?  America and other western allies to be turned away a ship full of Jewish refugees, that ship was the “St. Louis” — and now you can read tweets put up in the names of the men, women, and children who were later murdered by Nazis.

Our new President has banned refugees.  (Except from Islamic countries where His Hypocrite-in-Chiefness has business interests, of course!)  This is heart-rending enough when one considers the teeming hordes of desperate people fleeing Syria.  But since our tweet-happy new leader is ALL about supporting the military?  It does terrible things to the military.

You see, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Jordan — wherever our men and women go in harms way, one of the few things that may help keep them alive in good interpreters — native interpreters who know not only words, but prevailing customs, gossip, and who’s who.  In war after war, we’ve learned these men are usually endangered when we leave.  They and their families face imminent death.  So they apply for refugee status to come to America.

Our anti-refugee President just slammed that door in their faces.  Tell him NO!  Tell him through your Congress creatures and Senators.  Fill out the petition, sign and mail it!  I’m asking you, as a veteran, save the men who save OUR men and women.


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