Sing It, Brother Dan!

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01/25/2017 by syrbal-labrys

1dont judgeI would absolutely go to Dan Rather’s Revival Tent!  He is right, the media enablement of the Orange One Whose Name Shall Not Profane My Lips or Fingers (OOWNSNPMLF?!  Now isn’t that silly?) HAS to stop.  He will simply render the allegedly “free press” into his own personal propaganda machine.

Fuck THAT!

Other things that need fucked?  Well, the absolute idea that we have to play by the “nice” rules while the assholes curb stomp all we know and love.  I’m with Wonkette — punching those fucking Nazi pricks seems SO natural?  If it is going to be legal in North Fucking Dakota to run over DAPL protestors, and as long as it is ok for white guys scared shitless to shoot black people?  Yes, WE play by the law.

But, good gods and goblins, don’t let me hear those Shitler-loving assholes WHINING about it IF they are punched, because hey, you shit-stains?  Live by the fist, fall by it, too.  And if that sounds dirty?  Well, tough, you little white breaded milk-toast bastards.  It cracks me the hell up that sucker-punched Richard Spenser says that having “those people” (who might punch him) around makes him afraid to go out w/o body guards.  Poor widdle asshole!  How does he think the people HIS movement puts at fear feel?  

How does he think every  black person in America feels?  How Jews feel with anti-Semitic rhetoric up again?  How American Muslims feel?  How every immigrant, especially those of color feel?  Spenser and his ilk LOVE to make those people afraid to go out in public and live a normal life?  So yeah, it is illegal and morally wrong to punch Nazi motherfuckers.  But I’m not going to lie and say it is unsatisfying.  I’m NOT going to live my life as an asshole.  I’m not going to punch any Nazis or let my only-too-able-and-qualified sons punch any either.  But if someone knocks one on his ass in my presence?  Well, I’m not going to help the punched one up off the ground, either.


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