The Days and Nights After Yesterday

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01/21/2017 by syrbal-labrys

wethepeople_editIt is one of “those” winters here. While the Northwest is not buried in snow and is having a more typical winter than in a while, I am having one of those “catch a bad cold virus and proceed to half die of it!” winter.  It has graduated to bronchitis and a sinus infection that is homicidal.  I see the doctor next Wednesday — his first available appointment. He is almost certainly going to scream at me.  I can’t honestly say I’ve been very motivated to get better.

Yesterday I didn’t turn on the television or the news.  “Apoplexy” is a word unused these days, but I was pretty sure my brain would bring it back into vogue if I watched Donald Trump’s speech.  The bits I’ve seen in print since tell me that yes, I surely would have blown some fatal gasket if I had tried listening to that shit.  He is a tinhorn dictator, so of course, he paints an image of America as some third world shithole!  And his supporters, who would happily live in a dystopia of any sort for the pleasure of kicking the shit out of someone else, eat it up?  I hope before things get really bad, that someone tells this pack of yahoos that eating grass is deadly.

It even managed to ruin my little HBO binge of the two existing episodes of “The Young Pope” with Jude Law as a badly misread pontiff picked by a conclave manipulated by a wily old coyote cardinal.  Law’s portrayal of Pius XIII reminded me of Trump in an alternate religious setting.  So slim, so devastatingly handsome and yet such a vindictive asshole!  So yes, put Trump back into his 40’s and shovel the man into a white cassock and you’d have a “holy father” who is nothing fatherly, nor holy.  It was disappointing when I expected some grim humor and Catholic jokes of an elevated kind, to be given Trump in Catholic drag.  It made me wonder how long HBO has been cooking this particular “casserole”, you know?

So yes, here we are.  Executive actions to set charges under the Affordable Care Act.  A line up of people who seem poised to destroy the very agencies they head.  A sense that he is wholly owned by Russian mobsters.  And that he is as damaged, as fucked up as the religious dystopia of “The Young Pope”?  And no Sister Mary in sight to give his leash a tug at need.  His Cabinet?  They will get the blame, he will get the “fame”, you see?  If things go wrong, one of his cabinet will be named responsible — that “buck” will never reach his desk.

And all of us?  Well, we ARE the audience, are we not?  We are meant to watch, to rave and sieg heil the new executive – nothing more  and nothing less.  He is a mental two year old.  You know what the parentling books said about those little shit-stained tantrum-tossers, right?  Ignore them when they misbehave.  I’m going to do my best.  I’m going to IGNORE him.  It will be worse than motherhood all over again; I can’t send this unwanted toddler home with his parents, can I?  All I can do is try to clean up the damage and sleep whenever shit is not hitting fans.

Some dude in Ireland is taking odds on bets of his impeachment.  Hey, every woman needs something to believe in, right?  I also believe I need another Scotch or two to shut off this hacking cough.

P.S.  And as Trump supporters booed Shumer’s speech on Inauguration Day?  Here in my home state, a man was SHOT at a protest about a Trump supporter.  The news story is pretty inarticulate at this point, I have a feeling there will be a lot of Trumpeteers trying to shout down opposing voices in the next four years.  It’s not going to be possible to ignore the “carnage” caused by those people.  I’d like, of course, to see them try to shout down the 500,000 women in D.C. today!


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