Tuesday Tirade – My Command Voice Isn’t


01/17/2017 by syrbal-labrys

…very commanding, that is. I’ve been sick since New Year’s Eve. Last Thursday, I thought this viral misery was waning, went to an appointment and ran some errands. I ran a high fever from the wee hours of Sunday, sweating and shaking with chills; my chest felt “hollow” to me and I couldn’t stop coughing up great gobs of clear goo. And something happened to my voice, mind you I was never a terrific voice for singing and such; but I had strength and loudness. Now my voice is very low, creaks and snaps like thawing ice and breaks if I raise my volume at all.  It may or may not recover.

1from womenOh, well. Good then that most of my communication is typed, right? I was unhappy that I couldn’t possibly afford going to the Women’s March in Washington D.C. this Saturday coming, then I saw the “Sister Marches” planned and got very excited. Surely by Saturday I would be well enough to participate, right? But then I read the RSVP form for the nearest march, in our Washington State Capitol – Olympia. It began well enough, with statements like this: “We will stand together exercising our freedom of speech and of assembly , recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending us all.” But a paragraph down the page said this: “This is not an “anti-Trump” event as we don’t wish to be defined and limited by him. Polarizing or hateful messages are respectfully discouraged. ”  So, gee, that graphic is NOT what you “ladies” are going for?  My “Resist Trump!” sign would be unwelcome.

So MY freedom of speech and expression is to be celebrated as long as I don’t say anything offensive to the President Pussy-Grabber?  That is a different kettle of fish, eh? Or as my more usual profane old Army veteran voice would say, “Well, motherfuckers!” Did I miss something? Wasn’t the entire women’s march idea in response TO Trump? And “ladies”? I have some hard news for you. The entire next four fucking years IS going to be “defined and limited” by Trump, so you all better get used to the bitter tang of THAT shit and be prepared to reply in KIND.  Otherwise?  You are going to walked all OVER.  You are sounding as useless as most of the Democratic Party.  Supine and well mannered. FUCK THAT!

1stop bitching about my sweartingWe live in a world where Trump’s buddy Putin will likely sign a new law that says it is going to be legal to hit your wife, so long as it doesn’t need hospital care or cause her to miss work.  Now THAT is some 21st century special, isn’t it?  Kind of like judges here in the good old USSA saying those poor college boys shouldn’t have their lives fucked over for just a “little action”  – the Russians don’t want men being labeled as violent criminals for a “little slap.”  THIS is the country our new Commander in Chief will remove sanctions against – because yeah, that is terrific!  So, ladies of Olympia?  Don’t you do anything slap-worthy, ok?  Oh, wait, you already are not, right?  A mannerly march, prim and proper like a 7th grade pep rally.  TRUMP ALREADY IS WINNING WHEN WOMEN TELL WOMEN WHAT THEY MAY AND MAY NOT SAY AT A MARCH THAT BEGAN IN RESPONSE TO TRUMP!

fullsizerender-3And here in Amerika?  In North Dakota, where the Dakota Access Pipeline is most assuredly NOT dead? The good white lawmakers of the state want to protect drivers who may be soon be legally assured that it is AOK to run over those Indians protesting on the road.  Yep, they want to make it LEGAL to not stop the vehicle, to run OVER people!  Because hey, those nasty protestors, protecting water and property and treaty rights don’t really have any rights do they?  Not to life, pursuit of happiness and clean water — they have the right in N. Dakota to step the fuck out of the street and shut up?  Is that the gist of it? Go protest where nobody will see or hear you, damn it?

Yeah, I think being “polite” is a time we need to admit has passed.  Yes, I heard us being told to go high when they go low.  That is a fine sentiment, but if it keeps a person or group from doing anything to effectively STOP the chaos at our doors right now?  Well, then meet the enemy wherever he is — high OR low.  We don’t have to act like morons (who can’t, for instance, SPELL moron), but neither should be kid glove these bastards.  Acting like we have to be careful not to offend the assholes getting ready to set democracy back to some medieval serfdom variety is NOT the answer.  Friday, the man being let loose with the nuclear codes, has already picked cabinet heads with a firm desire to work less than bankers hours and destroy the very departments they will be heading.  That is not NORMAL, so do NOT tell me to act normal about it.


One thought on “Tuesday Tirade – My Command Voice Isn’t

  1. I fucking love this! You tell it like it is! & BTW – I totally fucking agree!

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