Sunday Service


01/15/2017 by syrbal-labrys

vformeadIt feels a bit like a “holy” obligation to pass on a few bits of news you can use, or bits of flavorful snark for you to snack upon.

Tell Epi-Pen to suck it!

Twits on Twitter?  YES!  Trump had the idiocy to call John Lewis “all talk no action”!  Does he have NOBODY to tell him the history of whomever he is insulting?

Gov. Abbott has a mind like a rusty steel TRAP? I just have to wonder, do amputated body parts also deserve burial?  What about jerking off remains in tissues? I mean, human tissue is human tissue, right?

I am still recovering from some viral respiratory crud, and nearly died of the uncontrollable laugh/cough/die sequence caused by this quote: “… a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin told me that “the Kremlin does not collect kompromat”. *kompromat — compromising data/evidence, etc

For reasons I am uncertain of, the GOP really do want to starve the old to death.  Voters only hope might (for once) be what Trump SAYS he will or will not do.  So, yeah, fat chance?  Republicans should be mourning global climate change due to the dearth of ice floes (on which to park grannies) in the Northern Hemisphere.  But then, they likely prefer drowning us useless mouths, like unwanted kittens….

Am I just feeling bitchy (well, duh – I feel that way every day!) or is it odd to me that white parents of Jon Benet Ramsay were never arrested for murder when their daughter was found dead ON the premises, but Asian parents are arrested and charged?  We have a friend whose relative recently suffered the death of one infant twin; they are shattered with sorrow.  And, being non-white?  THEY are being investigated.  Could be I just smell racism everywhere.  Or it could be racism has been SO enabled that it is now the “rational” way for authorities to act?

And just so you know, with the GOP in charge, don’t you even THINK about dying (with dignity or otherwise) until they TELL you that you can!  “Fuck democratic process, Babe, that reeks of liberal thinking — do it our way!”

And let Katy give you a history lesson so you can be prepared!

By the way?  I’ve decided NOT to watch the Tangerine Dream Nightmare be inaugurated.  Instead, I will content myself with some bitter drinking.  I’ve selected my tipple of choice — a delicious tea mead of our own making, photo above.  Besides, I hope to be too busy laughing with and at The Young Pope.  (Say, Jude, come consecrate my wine mead!)


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  1. Many generics don’t work as well as the brand name drug or they don’t work at all. & $149 for two doses is still WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.

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