Brace Yourselves, Darlings

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01/13/2017 by syrbal-labrys

image1Because these roughshod jackholes are not even taking off their spurs when they begin screwing the American public.

And I am pretty pissed off at my two Senators.  Murray’s mailbox is even shuttered against emails, gee, does that mean I’m not alone.  If importing our own drugs back from Canada is not an ideal solution, it is sadly still a price improvement for those who can’t afford Americanized prices.  Also, don’t make me tell you how long the lines of Americans are at Mexican pharmacies just across any southern border…

Seriously, ladies?  Run, do not walk, to a Planned Parenthood and get an IUD while you still can do so!

Oh, and really, maybe it IS time to be a bit more “Lysistrata“** at these asshats who want to screw women, but don’t want us to be able to prevent or end pregnancy; who want to force us to birth children, but not be responsible for seeing such children fed or medically cared for; who simply want more corporate and military fodder to be chewed up and spat as money into their checking accounts.

**Yes, I know this was a comedy.  Because sure, it’s funny when women tell men “No” about sex.  I’d love to see women show men just how not fucking funny it could be.


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