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01/07/2017 by syrbal-labrys

I am pretty grouchy this morning, up with a hung over feeling from taking generic benedryl to sleep, no joy of real hang over creation, alas. I’ve been sick the whole past week and about half brained as a result of fever and coughing my ribs into achy parcels of ouch. New Year’s Eve was noodle soup and bitching over Netflix.  Yee haw, 2017!

calm-resistIt was 58 degrees in my house this morning; for the last week, outdoors, it has been in the 30’s by day and 20’s or well below at night.  My propane fireplace is not doing its job — it refuses to converse with the thermostat for some reason, so it never comes on.  The repairman is coming Monday and I hope the ice storm Portland, Oregon expects this weekend does not reach this far north before then!

So I got up to make sourdough starter that I left in the warm oven overnight into bread dough before I even had coffee.  The kitchen tiles radiated chill up through my sock clad feet (being shoelessly quiet as to not wake a sleeper who works a late shift today), and soon my knees will tell me they’ve received the message of cold.

Then I sat down to deal with emails.  Oh, boy, it never ends, does it?  I am passing this one on, I made the call today.  It connects to the Standing Rock donation page AND then switchboards you to a message service for the Army Corps of Engineers.  I left my message, telling them it has been a month since they said they were going to work on that Environmental Impact Statement – a month without action that makes them look a bit like oil pipeline stooges who got rid of protestors and now are sitting on their hands.

Please, make a phone call for water and people instead of oil and big money.

Dear Water Protectors + Standing Rock Supporters,

On December 5, I announced to the world that the US Army Corps would not grant the the final easement necessary for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. You made that happen.

Now we need your help again. 

The easement was not granted with the understanding that the Army Corps would now require an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). 

The EIS more fully assesses the risks of building a pipeline so close to our water supply than the previous survey method employed by Energy Transfer Partners. 

The immediate next step following the announcement was for the Army Corps to publish a notice of intent to start the EIS in the Federal Register. Doing so helps solidify the decision, setting in motion  a thorough regulatory process, thus making it harder for a new administration to reverse. 

A month later, the Army Corps has still not taken this critical first step. 

Time is now running out.

Join us in a collective call to action; call the Army Corps and ask them to take action – not only for us, the Standing Rock Sioux – but for the 17 million Americans who live downstream of the pipeline. 

NOW is the time for an EIS. It must be in motion before the end of this administration.

With deep gratitude, 

Chairman Dave Archambault II


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