Wednesday War On Women News

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01/04/2017 by syrbal-labrys

1activity terrDid you forget that the GOP would like to keep us barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen again?

Their militant arm still thinks it is ok to kill existing people for the sake of non-existent people who “could” be.  And because bomb threats in winter are SO much fun; maybe this Christian terrorist asshole thought he’d get to see women parading out in evacuation just lightly dressed?  Like the assholes who called bomb threats into the military barracks for women just to watch us all parade out at 0200 in our nighties?  And yes, if we are going to be barraged with the term “radical Islam”, I’m going to call these fetus loving shitheels what THEY are, too.

Also, it pisses me off that a NYPD captain thinks date rape isn’t “real rape” — please help nuke this ignorant asshole, ok?  I don’t know whether he merely wants a reduced work load, or if he hates women — but he needs a new job.  Maybe sweeping floors somewhere?

Besides bomb threats from Christian terrorists, Planned Parenthood is facing threats from the legal side of the right wingnuttery folks — from Congress.  I will be honest, I approve of what Planned Parenthood does; I used to give them money every month.  But they pissed me off by wasting my time and their money by sending me envelopes full of pleas at a rate of EIGHT TO TEN per month.  I wrote back many times saying, “Stop this silly shit, I send you a check monthly; if you don’t stop I WILL.”  They didn’t stop literally packing my post office box.  So I stopped and threw all the envelopes in the recycling bin.  I may have to reconsider whether my budget can accommodate a monthly donation.


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