Things I Don’t Have Time For


01/03/2017 by syrbal-labrys

1bonus checkI am generally a liberal minded person. I am. But now and then, I admit that what I want to do is scream “FOCUS, damn it!”  Now and again, I think people get confused about the use of certain words, for instance.

I have this flash point reaction, for instance, every time some moron leaves his checkbook/camera/iPhone on a car seat and then announces how “violated” he feels when the window is busted and his item stolen.  You are NOT violated – you acted like the entitled twerp you ARE and got paid for it.  Sit down and shut up.

On the other hand, often I actually AM in sympathy with things called “endangered” in popular parlance.  Animals, plants, and even languages.  The first, because animals are pretty much innocent bystanders in the ravening anthropocene era; the last, because when a language is on its way out it is most likely because some white colonial asshat declared it illegal until almost all original speakers died off.

But I’ve got limits to my sympathy.  When someone calls a pasta dish “endangered” they are likely lucky they are far, far away from me.  Then they church it up claiming the loss is oh-so-sad because it is a piece of “cultural identity.”  Boo-fucking-hoo, ok?  Is the yellow-polka-dotted bikini  lost bit of cultural identity?  Is slavery a piece of cultural identity — it sure as fuck seems so in the American South, just saying.  Almost any damned thing can be labeled as a piece of cultural identity; I just might feel really super Celtic and want to take heads as trophies, for instance.  (And there are SO many deserving heads that should hang from my saddle pommel or my doorposts.) And this sort of shit is certainly a cultural identity bit, too.  Have fun with that, ok?

In a world where survival of almost every species is at risk due to climate change, I find the idea that a particular style of laborious female labor to make pasta soup for pilgrims is a sad loss to the world utterly ridiculous, ok?  It is right up there with what celebrity is getting divorced and what female singer’s wardrobe malfunctioned in the column of “I don’t give a shits.”

It’s not a cultural identity issue.  It’s a fucking novelty.  Get the hell OVER it.


2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Have Time For

  1. Squathole says:

    As I’ve heard it explained, the problem today is nobody drinks wine out of their enemies’ skulls anymore. Glad you’re still at it. Happy New Year.

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