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01/02/2017 by syrbal-labrys

1patienct wering thingThe year 2017 is upon us. I entered this new year feeling pretty ill, some viral crud dogging my heels across the finish line of 2016.  But I marched on, got all the holiday decorations down and away in good order.

Today, I spent part of my morning reading the ongoing advice being spontaneously given to us “losing liberals” so we can somehow cope and survive the Donald.

I have to say, some of the advice is not very helpful. Bloggers and media creating false equilvalencies are not helpful — equating calling foul on the workings of Donald Trump being said to be the same as the false news stories calling Hillary Clinton a murderess and such is NOT helpful.  Comparing Clinton to Soviet Era Yuri Andropov is also not really helpful – just saying this AS a former analyst of Soviet behavior and military practice.  So, if my blogroll is pared a bit for the new year?  It is because rampant hyperbolic stupidity pisses me off!

Also, articles using phrases with no real meaning are not helpful.  Something purporting to be “seven ways of fighting back” that starts off with a statement like “decentralizing our whiteness”?  Yes, my eyes did in fact glaze the fuck over.  I mean, seriously, I READ the bullshit and STILL found myself thinking , “WTF does that mean  – I should go get a spray tan?”  Cause trust me, that is the only way my glow-in-the-dark whiteness will be de-anythinged.

Nuclear stupid is not going to get progressives through the next four years.



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