In Need Of…Lightness, Lost the Switch?


12/25/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Yuletide. Christmas. Hanukkah. Kwanzaa. Solstice.  All the reasons for the season, the season of “lights” when to many of us it has never felt more dark.  I admit, even while posting my “resist” posts since the election, my heart and will have faltered and felt swamped.  We can all admit that, right?  Because we are not alone in that sensation of darkness and lack of cheer.

This year, our family did a different thing for our Solstice celebration.  We wanted to save money for an upcoming transition to welcome home a returning veteran and his wife — my garage will become temporary living space.  We also wanted to send money to Standing Rock because we simply could not go to be there.  We would have been a burden there, and that would not have helped, but we so envied those who did go.

horn-of-enoughBut so we could send money, we decided each family member would have only one gift on Solstice morning.  I picked mine carefully, as did others.  I chose an actual antique — a tiny, delicate drinking horn made between 1915 and 1920.  I had the feeling that I might be needing a drink?  I drink very little these days — this wee horn holds maybe a healthy shot’s worth.  I raise it only to celebrate the good things we create, never in despair. That means I must create moments of good and brightness.

The sense that a madman takes the White House because a woman was accused of not knowing how to manage emails on a cellphone, (thank you FBI and moron media) does make the head spin and the mind boggle.  But we defied the urge to sink into the dark with cynicism and despair.  We wrapped ourselves in familial love and caring.  We ate way too many cookies.  We will go on.

The year will turn and we will piss on the grave of 2016.  In the New Year, I will say “yes” to love and “no” to hate.  I will say “yes” to courage and “no” to fear.  That wee horn connotes heroes, Vikings in Valhalla, so to speak — I will invoke their spirit when my own is failing.  It will hang there, on the kitchen shelf with the cereal bowls, reminding me that it is time to feed the body and the Will to resist, to be, even against the apparently prevailing winds of intolerance, ignorance, want, and terror.

May it be so with you!


2 thoughts on “In Need Of…Lightness, Lost the Switch?

  1. DM says:

    Best wishes to you for the new year. I always enjoy your blog. I’m still saddened by the outcome, knowing there were so idiots out there who chose a lying, misogynistic, racist, narcissist over a highly-qualified woman.

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