Near-Serene Solstice -Linkophobic?

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12/21/2016 by syrbal-labrys

calm-resistWe did the family celebration on Monday, as we have a member at work on this last week before Christmas while others are still frantically shopping. But we are in relaxed mode here, nibbling cookies as we linger over coffee.

Until we read the news, of course, and are reminded of the ongoing fall of Western Civilization – aka the Trump Presidency.  Filed under “The more we wish things changed, the more same nazi – different day,” it becomes?

For the “Don’t you wish you had paid attention to Hannah?” post of the week.  (The movie about her life is also on my “Watch-before-New-Year’s” list, btw.)  Serious discussion of why post-factual, “dominance” issues are ruining America; do not skip this link, please.  And no, I do not mean fun games with leather and hand-cuffs.  Not to say there aren’t some out there I’d like to hand-cuff and play with, mind you.  Like a cat with prey….

Just remember: Never Normalize!

The treasured Rude One tells us how to turn the Senate – a mighty few!

Does this story reveal the real reason Trump wanted to be President, even if it is illegal?

Also, in the “give me a fucking break” department of life?  I received today an email from a man soliciting funds for his 2018 run for Congress!  I know he thinks he is striking while the iron is hot – but damn, Dude, let the blisters on the second degree burns heal first!


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