Mr. Smith Gold Goes to Washington

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12/14/2016 by syrbal-labrys

img_3534We Democrats/Liberals keep getting told we lost the election because we don’t tell a good enough “story” to the idiots who need bedtime tales instead of reality. Well, then, fine, let me tell you a story.

After the election going to the Putin-Picked Pussy Grabber, I was incredibly depressed.  I had a difficult time sitting still enough to escape into a favorite book — needed doubled distraction: like watching television AND reading something non-political.  So I pulled up Netflix and looked for something nonsensical, with a book in my lap as well.

I thought I was in safe territory, picking ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” to watch binge-style at 3 episodes or more a day.  I had eschewed watching this show from its debut six seasons ago because I didn’t want to watch them mangle myths and whip in the Disney as I predicted would happen.

I was wrong about being safe.  I can find an analogy anywhere, apparently.  The show flashes back and forth from a mythical “Enchanted Forest” where fairy-tale characters live to a small town – Storybrooke –  in 21st century Maine; where they’ve been sentenced by the angry curse of the Snow White tale’s Evil Queen, using a spell devised by Rumplestiltskin.  Each person (initially) has their forgotten fairy tale identity and their “Storybrooke” name and role.   So Rumplestiltskin is Mr. Gold in Storybrooke — an antique store/pawn shop owner who is also still a powerfully magical malevolent sorcerer known as the “Dark One.”  In our world, the one in multiple “realms” without magic, this gives him a particular potency, as you might imagine.

So where is my analogy?  Well, the Minotaur pointed it out to me, unintentionally, as we talked about characters.  Gold is one of the most complex characters — powerful, but cowardly; odious, but intriguing; hungry for love, but mostly unlovable; devious, yet curiously honest at times.  My PTSD tortured Minotaur compared Gold’s character to his own – in terms of being hard to love.  But then he said, “Of course, he has magical powers and I have no such thing.”

My brain made this little “*ping!” as I mentally chewed on this comparison.  PTSD can make a person as slippery to grasp and emotionally hold onto as the checkered past of a wicked sorcerer, sure enough.  But does my Minotaur really hold no power comparable to Gold’s malevolent self-serving magic?  What IS powerful in this world?  What IS magical in consequence in this world?  Bingo!  MONEY.

The Minotaur is now the only source of income in our family — even in his retired state.  I’m not old enough yet for my own pittance of Social Security even.  He was a bit crestfallen when I informed him that he DID have our world’s version of magical power — financial power and wherewithal to hold all of us in his thrall.  

My brain went right on its merry way playing Tetris with ideas.  Of course, Trump reminds me of Rumplestiltskin/Gold even more forcefully – and with more of the malevolent attitude of the show’s villainous character.  Naturally, in terms of “magical power”, Trump  has more of it because he is a billionaire.  And this is what America has chosen to send to Washington D.C. to take power (as in the television story, the Evil Queen was mayor of Storybrooke) over all us little serfs to be?  The people he welcomes to his podium of power are the ones with the will to tear down every tangible reality in service to filthy lucre and the pyramid scheme toppers who will live enchanted lives while the rest of us sink into a mire of misery.

Those jobs Trump promised to bring back?  He might do it — by sick default when America is transformed into a new third world nation where labor is cheaper than China or India once President Pussy Grabber dismantles everything that made working here bearable.  Maybe everyone should, like me, catch up on past seasons to figure out how to live (and resist – who will be “Emma”, and is Hillary Clinton the reformed Regina?) in a world where the magic of money will be condensed into the hands of fewer and fewer individuals.  How will those sweet campaign bedtime stories sound to everyone then?


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