Snowy Personal Walk

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12/09/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Here is something people who have never served in the military probably don’t know:  those we serve with are as close, or sometimes even closer, than actual family.  The young Marine that I call my “third son” is serving in Japan.  He services the aircraft that the Marines fly in that area. One of those aircraft went down this week and it’s pilot, Captain Jake Frederick, ejected but was knocked unconscious, and died of hypothermia in the sea.  He leaves behind a young son and a pregnant wife. Widowhood is her Christmas present this year.

Young Ryan, my adopted third son, sat with the body before it was loaded on a C-130 to be sent back home to his wife. So this morning in the freshly fallen snow up on the labyrinth I walked Captain Frederick inwards.  Sorrow is personal.

Winter stone


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