Wherein She Is In A Very Bad Mood


12/07/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1damnit im madThis is a hard holiday season. I decorated, but my spirits barely lifted and the lift lasted about as long as the average souffle, once out of the oven . Today was one of the days the husband is at the VA Hospital almost all day. He can’t be reached by phone there. For a year I’ve asked him to demand AT&T explain why we cannot get cellphone coverage there. He never has bothered.

So today, in the midst of semi-happy cookie baking, I turned on the computer, intending to put up photos of pretty peanut butter shortbreads with chocolate bottoms. My email popped up and the words “THANK YOU FOR YOUR $1100 CONTRIBUTION” got my immediate and panicked attention. Believe me, I am not so flush as to afford that! I fired back an email to Act Blue saying that blue as I was in several senses of the word, I had NOT given them ANY money today, much less $1100.

Then I attempted to call my husband. No go. Text – also no go. Email- again nothing. I called our credit union and got five minutes of electronic nonsense about “answer a few questions to qualify for —” and asking me to sign up with T-Mobile. I re-checked the number and tried twice more. Same. I got online and looked for the number for fraud reports — it is the SAME bloody number. I finally got a person who told me that fraudulent/mistaken or not; they COULD NOT CANCEL the transaction. AFTER the money was taken out, THEN I could ask them to fix the problem.

I was ready to go full-flame about that point. An email popped up from Act Blue saying they had “refunded” me the $1100. My credit union lady said “I don’t see that, and frankly I WON’T see that; it isn’t how these things work.” She said they get the initial request for funds and put it in “pending” — nothing, but nothing in pending can be changed or cancelled. Then a second request from vender comes in and the money is actually transferred from my account (which does not have $1100 in it!) So there is no refund, simply the likelihood that the second request will simply never happen. Act Blue is not some pack of assholes, right? The Daily Kos doesn’t exactly have the same rep, and they were the sub-vendor, so to speak, that sent this “contribution” into my credit union. I hope they enjoyed the last $25 I gave them because the possibility of either Daily Kos OR Act Blue ever seeing another dime from me just became perishingly unlikely.

I am furious because I don’t know how this happened, thus I don’t know how to prevent it happening again.

I am furious at my rather unhelpful credit union.

I am, yes, pretty furious at my husband for not solving a phone issue that has been ongoing for most of the last twenty YEARS.

I am utterly fed up and furious with my AT&T cellphone provider and IF I was so flush that $1100 wouldn’t make my head spin like an Exorcist remake, I would immediately switch to Verizon and tell AT&T go go fuck themselves.

And the cookies were ruined.


One thought on “Wherein She Is In A Very Bad Mood

  1. Sixbears says:

    $1100 is a huge hit at any time, but at this time of year it really hurts. Hope that gets resolved. I had a great credit union that was bought out by a terrible one. Six months later most of my financial dealings were moved to another institution.

    19 months ago we were promised that we’d finally get cell phone service where we live. Any day now . . .

    Christmas, for many years, has been a bad time of the year for me. I struggle through it. There’s so many bad things that have happened this time of the year. The long dark days don’t help either. For my lovely wife’s sake, I’m doing my best to deal with it. On the bright side, my daughter and her family will be joining us from across the country. If I focus on the people it helps.

    Hope things get sorted out in your favor.

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