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12/02/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Keep pouringLast year was the year of dying appliances. This year was the year of car repairs and other joyful adulthood crud. So when my little Mac Mini succumbed to my general tech hatred and needed replaced, I was not charmed.  My dear sons offered to beggar themselves to buy me a new one, since I declined going into debt or robbing my much depleted savings account to hit the Apple store.  I told them no, save their money for a carport to be built in the new year.

I have my Minotaur husband sharing his big Mac monster machine!  I don’t save piles of stuff, don’t use much memory — wanted music and my photos and that’s all.  So here I am back in less than a week — read it and weep, hahah!

calm-resistI’ve been ignoring all news with Pussy-grabber’s face attached.  But I’m keeping up with the shameful goings on at Standing Rock.  The FAA has banned drone flights — even media owned drones there for fear of “endangering police”?!  WTF is it you don’t want America to see, eh?  The veterans vowing to be human shields for the Amerindian protestors have arrived; I think it only fair the militarized cops meet the real thing, don’t you?  I so wish I could be there, too — but I have no vehicle ready for such climate/terrain rigours and no winter clothing or boots.

Thanksgiving was a grim thing at Standing Rock, giving lie to the propagandised myth of the day; the truth is really about massacres and repeated treaty breaking.  Treaty breaking is the reason for the current protests there; and yes, those protestors DID need to confront the cops on that day.  Unlike one of the speakers on the video?  I do not struggle with Thanksgiving – I don’t celebrate this holiday.

We cut back our Yule shopping and sent about half that budget to the legal fund for the Standing Rock Sioux.  Anyone who loves me, who ever loved me?  Can do the same instead of sending me ANYthing this year!



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