On the Battlefield for the First Amendment and Water

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11/28/2016 by syrbal-labrys

hagalaz-no-moreI dislike SO many things about our President Elect it is difficult to choose just one. But among the top ten? His idea that journalists should be silenced and/or sued if he doesn’t like what they say. Mind you, there are a few journalists out there I’d like to smack in the mouth for what they say and/or what they do NOT say — since I’m no pacifist.  I’d like to ask why the same media now whining endlessly about Donald Trump gave him SO much free press time on every nightly news show, for instance.  But likely I wouldn’t actually hit any of them as long as I could publicly insult them, as they’ve been insulting my intelligence for years.

Enough divergence from the main topic, here.  Is the First Amendment at risk?  Depending upon who you ask, it has already long been muzzled.  Particularly when there is any disagreement between vampire capitalists and people trying to protect the environment and their own lives — like at Standing Rock.  It seems, at Standing Rock, that any journalist whose head is not embedded in cop ass is not reporting from the standpoint of white police, is certainly not left free.  They are treated not as journalists or peaceful protestors — but as targets.  Surely, nothing says “freedom of the press” like a (rubber) bullet hole through a press pass, right?  This could and SHOULD be investigated.

calm-resistThe White House has been silent.  But the Army Corps of Engineers, presumably answerable to the Commander in Chief, surely gave a discouraging word while most of America ate turkey and pie:  they ordered the Standing Rock Sioux off the land they own by rights granted in a treaty in the 19th century.  Two treaties, actually.  The claim is that the Sioux “lost” rights to the land by being handed a paltry sum in the late 1940’s so the land could be used for dam building.  The Sioux were not offered a choice — how is an Indian nation “sovereign” if America can keep (as she does) coming and taking what she wants?  If we did that anywhere else that is a sovereign nation, it would be war.  (You know, like when Hitler tried taking parts of Poland?)

The necessity of the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing Indian lands is a lie: a way for oilmen to make scads of money and leave behind destruction and death.  If it were not, Bismarck’s white population would not have objected to the crossing of their section of river!  American tax dollars are paying for Amerindians to be abused, for the Bill of Rights to be stomped upon.  If you are not resisting?  You are being had — time to wolf up, folks; being a sheep leads only to the oven.  If not now for you, it is now for the Indians.

But trust me, your turn will come.


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