Standing Rock is America’s First Water War

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11/23/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1profit marginThe Sioux must have realized almost immediately that the American oil men bringing the Dakota Access Pipeline across their sacred lands didn’t give a rat’s ass about the lands being “sacred.”  It was soon apparent that graves and sacred sites for ritual meant less than nothing to the oil men with a company funded by big investors like our new “no conflict of interests if the (Republican) President does it” Trump.  So let’s call Standing Rock what it is – the first war in America over protecting the purity and use of WATER!

Although the Army Corps of Engineers says more time is needed to study the information the Sioux protestors have brought to light, the oil men are fighting in court to begin drilling beneath the Missouri River right NOW.  The moronic corporate owned media covers the horrific events unfolding the the icy winter weather as if it is nothing.  Nobody is asking the right questions as hinted here: “… the original pipeline route was turned down because it was believed that the potential risk to agricultural land and surface water contamination was too great. Do the rights and interests of those who live in one part of the country outweigh those that live in another? More specifically, why is it unacceptable to build a pipeline in through Bismarck, N.D., yet acceptable to build it through Sioux territory? Do the needs and rights of Native Americans matter less than other Americans? ”

And I know everyone is telling me Trump voters are not idiots; but don’t all those nice white people DOWNstream, outside of the threatened Sioux lands realize when that pipeline leaks, THEIR drinking water, too, will be fouled?   The Indians we people dispossessed are fighting a battle for all of us, in a sadly ironic way.  And make no mistake, it is a battle and most of the press IS ignoring it.  the so-called “non-lethal” means being used by a lot of white Dakota cops is changing lives in a very near lethal way.  The weather there is sub-freezing: dousing people with water cannons is a misery and risk enough; concussion grenades and 40 mm rubber bullets are being used in ways to cause the MOST physical harm possible.  (Sophia Wilansky, the woman in the story linked above, may or may not have had her blasted arm amputated — the news stories are unclear and mixed.)  And now, having seen Indians pull a bloodied white woman out of wreckage, the police are claiming the Indian protestors themselves “blew something up” and caused the injury.  Please read the above story and watch the video.  Now think what the reaction of Americans would be if we saw that in another nation.  Or IF we saw it happening to white Americans instead of perceived “Indians only”?

Being an older white woman married to an even older and post-surgical white man?  I am resisting the terrific urge to jump in our battered old pick-up to drive to Standing Rock with a load of firewood.  But that isn’t the only way to help the people fight and help the literally embattled Sioux.  I would likely be more a liability than a help in person on site in Dakota; but cash (especially to the legal fund), gas cards, items off an Amazon wish-list will do more good than my presence.  My budget is being re-written, all our usual charity checks and all discretionary holiday spending are cancelled to send funds to the water war being fought on the frozen Dakota grounds.

And phone calls:

North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple, at 701-328-2200.

The White House, at 202-456-1111

Army Corps of Engineers, which issued the permit allowing construction of the pipeline, even though it would cross under the Missouri River within a half-mile of the Sioux reservation boundary, at 202-761-5903.

I am disappointed that Obama is not doing anything to stop the increasing levels of violence being employed against the Standing Rock protestors.  It may take a while to get through to the numbers, the White House in particular is busy.  The governor’s line only takes a message.

Water really IS life.  Thanksgiving Day celebrates a fiction of happy Indians and white settlers sitting at a meal.  The Amerindians at Standing Rock are in the freezing cold, trying to stop the “black snake” of the pipeline from fouling a water source for their people — I beg you, I dare you, sit at THEIR table this week — literally or from afar as I will be doing!


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