Resist the Urge To A Flame-thrower; Humorous Skits Work As Well

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11/23/2016 by syrbal-labrys

turkeysAh, autumn! The leaves fall and the sky is clear through the tree branches, eh?  And then the assholes gotta ruin it all being assholes.  Already the list is out of really big stores opening on Thanksgiving.  Because hey, we elected a super-capitalist and selling is the thing?

I don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving, but since I know so many families that do so, I find it utterly nasty that stores decide to open on that day in the hopes of scooping up business a day ahead of the Friday insanity.

Pssst?  Retailers?  Here is the thing, you are acting SO 1960’s.  Is this in honor of our President-Elect Pussy Grabber?  Because he promises the return of the “good old days”?  Well, I was THERE and let me tell you — those days sucked for anyone not white and male.  Also, shopping in stores is a thing dying as surely as coal jobs and American factories — because the “heads of industry” did NOT see fit to modernize UNLESS it was to use automation get rid of people.  

On the good old days side recently?  Attacks on people and places by apparent white guys.  LOTS of them.  Wow, a blast from the past when it was ok to beat someone up for being at the wrong drinking fountain.  In the 21st century, woohoo.

But let a mite of criticism (or critical thought) go the other way towards the “good old days” bunch?  Oh my, what special little tender melty snowflakes they become!  Boycott “Hamilton”, indeed; because how DARE just any American have a vocal opinion about the language the Trump camp uses to describe many of the actual citizens of this country.

And this is the party of freedom, we are told?  Unless you are NOT a white man grabbing a woman’s pussy, apparently NOT.  Imagine the chilling effect of a President, who believes in torture and has threatened damn near every item on the original Bill of Rights, who takes to Twitter to bitch at a Broadway show cast, or a SNL skit.  “Off with their heads!” So, what now, every entertainment venue must run through a Presidential censor’s office?  I had no idea the GOP was running the Red Queen of Wonderland for Chief Executive — I thought they didn’t like cross-dressers?

So as the President-Elect, seemingly unthinkingly lashes out at every prick to his ego?  It absolutely IS the time to protest.  Otherwise, dismantling of basic American liberties will go forward without anyone even defending them.  Is that really how you want your world to end, with T.S. Eliot’s “whimper”?

I get that protesting is a frightening idea, specially in the world Trump promises us.  But here you go — how to do it nonviolently and effectively!  No flame-throwers necessary, 198 ways to say NO to the America Trump’s supporters want to see created.  It could be as simple as not shopping on a holiday that before the last decade or so, was NOT marred by becoming a commercialized shopping nightmare.


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