Keep It (cl)ASSY You Entitled Bastards


11/21/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Unknown:::::sigh:::: Aside from my hatred of the color orange, will someone remind me again why I cannot use magnetic yellow ribbons to shove down certain throats?

Because this happened.  Because yeah, it is indeed “bullshit” that a family going to meet their dead son’s casket should have to worry about first class asshats not getting to de-plane first.  There is a 1% population of “floaters” at the top of the current US septic tank — they would be the ones to fly first class, one assumes?*

Then there is the 1% of the US population that serves in the military.  I much prefer THAT one percent – of which I am a member, of which my husband and both sons are members.

So, the walk in the rain is for the two Army men who died at Bagram Air Base in the bomber attack in the above link:

SGT John W. Perry, 30, of California

PFC Tyler R. Iubelt, 20, of Illinois

My mother’s heart breaks — even my youngest son is older now than both of these men.  Had I been on that airplane?  Some of those 1st class asshats would have needed help deplaning, when I was finished auditioning for “Orange is the New Black” for assault and battery.

*My son and I did fly first class this year – in January, to reach the bedside of his dying best friend in time.  Only first class fares would get us there in time.  I am still paying off the bill for doing so.


One thought on “Keep It (cl)ASSY You Entitled Bastards

  1. Grung_e_Gene says:

    PFC Iubelt was 5 years old on 9/11. Still at war. Still killing families. Still losing our souls. Still doing it for nothing of value which I can see.

    Strength, Solidarity, and Peace!

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