You Say There IS A War On XXXmas? (Singing: Do You See What I Seeeeee….)


11/19/2016 by syrbal-labrys

I sat here for about five minutes trying to decide how to title this post.  I just got home from a quick jaunt to the big box “grocery, etc” store.  The whole panoply of holiday merchandise is out, Halloween and some ceramic turkey cookie jars banished for the red, green, silver and gold splendours of American Christmas.

Then, in the packed store, trying to get OUT, I did a double take and every Christmas song in the book (and hey, pagan humanist or not, I LIKE a lot of that music) suddenly TWISTED! A stack of holiday sequin-clad pillows almost as tall as me confronted me.  I do mean confronted, too:


I SWEAR I did not edit or doctor — there was NO other image on this pillow, which I reflexively stepped in front of as a lady and her six year old daughter passed by.  The tag read “Silver Bells” and it was $39.95.  Now what AM I to make of this?

Are they finally admitting what they really worship?

Are they saying to the “faithful” who presumably are coming, “Prepare to be screwed”?

Maybe it was a mis-translation of “silver bells”?  What a difference one little vowel makes?

Why, oh why, didn’t I have the $40 to send one to the new President Pussy-Grabber in the spirit of the season?

Anyone else want to twist a tune of the holiday appropriately inspired by the delightful seasonal pillow above?


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