Resisting Does Not Mean You Don’t Cry – Linkages to Rage AND Sanity


11/16/2016 by syrbal-labrys

I am a bit distracted this week, may be absent off and on.  The Minotaur had surgery yesterday and came home with both eyes black & blue, swollen shut and leaking blood down his cheeks.  He is understandably helpless and in serious pain and deserving and getting tender loving care.  You see, on your face, unlike other body parts?  Your skin is attached to muscles – thus the wrinkles from muscle motion!  The delicate skin of the eyes can stretch and droop over the eyes, impeding vision to a serious degree!  So, at the Seattle VA Hospital, they fixed that yesterday with multiple incisions into both skin and muscle and multiple layers of stitching.  He was seriously miserable by the time we got home after a long drive.

1sugar shitSo, playing catch up on news bits now regarding our elected horror-show.  After all, it is not as if we have nothing to worry about, is it?  The Tangerine Harkonnen Nightmare isn’t even sworn in yet and things seem to be going to hell.

Not “snakes on a plane” – but using the airplane analogy for Trump Presidency – the pilot you fear!

A Trump supporter’s word overcomes proper documentation from a black veteran?  WTF?

And now, simply talking about how you wish Clinton had won is enough to get you punched in the face?  The asshole got away with it, too.  Tell us again, President Elect Trump, how you respect women.  And tackling not limited to the football field either?  Apparently, women will be expected to be seen and never heard, now?  And when white women call the First Lady “an ape in heels“?  Yes, I’d say both racist and misogynist behaviors have been greatly enabled by the election of a “pussy grabber**.”

Rampant nativism and nationalism and racism are on the rise and they ARE poison.  It does become a question of when one is white “enough” or American “enough” — and dare I say “religiously Christian “enough” for the fanatics.  So thank goodness for John Oliver speaking up about how very abnormal this sort of behavior really IS.

A bit of silly healing humor never hurts – because yes, some of the above stories did make me tear up and get almost as red-eyed and red-nosed as my slowly healing husband!

Here in my state, I have many local options to continue the resistance!  I am sure your state has a way for you to act locally as well.  And this is even more important than I first had thought.

One of the sadder events yesterday, as I waited for my Minotaur’s two hour surgery to end, was listening to conversations and arguments around me.  A black veteran, rather aged – likely a Viet Nam vet – was arguing with a black nurse about Trump.  He was singing praises of Trump as a “successful businessman who will know how to get things done, unlike Obama who couldn’t do a single thing.”  The nurse was dismayed and astonished and listed several of the glaring faults of our President-to-be* but the man over-rode her, shouted at her, finally telling her to “just stop talking.”  He went on to say that Obama was “too nice” to be effective.  Apparently we need a very rough hand indeed on the national tiller?  So he had voted for the party that obstructed Obama at every instance possible virtually ensuring that Obama could not achieve all that he hoped.

Last night, while the Minotaur’s eyes lay under cool packs, he listened and I watched the PBS show “Black America since MLK – And Still I Rise.”  It was an excellent historical perspective – if that black veteran had seen this show prior to the election?  He might have grasped that since the Reagan years, the GOP has done nothing but try to label people of color as welfare cheats and lazy ignorant sorts.  It saddens me that Americans of color and women still buy the lies Trump foisted upon them due to a level of desperation caused by the GOP refusing to govern or let anyone else govern as long as a black man is in the White House.

So, yes, cry at need.  And then, like our very graceful President, instead of being futilely publicly angry and resentful? Use your anger as starting fuel, but run long term on compassion and justice. Simply find an action you can take, quietly and unilaterally, if necessary, to keep a light alive in the darkness ahead of us.

*I know the protests continue and understand the dismay and fury causing them.  But here is the thing, Trump IS the next President.  I am protesting many things in public presently, but Trump is not one of them.  That battle is lost.  All I can say about that is that he is NOT the President I voted for, simply the demagogue who won.

**I am human and yes, bitter.  So I will not promise to NOT call him President Pussy Grabber.  Just a warning in advance…and none of his followers can say they have too tender ears to hear that; after all, they have been listening to the shit HE has been saying.


2 thoughts on “Resisting Does Not Mean You Don’t Cry – Linkages to Rage AND Sanity

  1. Sixbears says:

    My daughter enjoyed her time in Canada. It was planned as a vacation but became a scouting mission to see if she’d like to live there. In the end she decided to stay in the US, and to run for the state legislature. She’d rather fight than run. I’m proud of that girl. She’s trying to be an example to her daughter.

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