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11/13/2016 by syrbal-labrys

SNL nailed it with what we all wish Clinton had said.  In the long dark night, we need some mental moorage:

Digby shoots straight, as usual — look for the new lighthouses in the dark.  Or build one!

Facebook is wising up?  If a bit too little too late?

img_3576Yesterday, the Minotaur and I spent the majority of our day at a protest march and rousing rally  in downtown Tacoma, to support the protest against the oil pipeline infringing on holy grounds of the Sioux at Standing Rock.  The Puyallup tribe hosted this event and the rally took place on their land at the University of Washington Tacoma campus.  Speakers told how it has changed from the peaceful protests of the summer to a grueling, grinding misery now — Indians dragged from sweat lodges by militarized cops and beaten.  People tased and pepper sprayed.  The Army Corp of Engineers has ordered a stop, and the companies doing the work go right on anyhow.  Obama has said he wants a different solution – the oil and pipeline heads announce they will drill beneath the Missouri River in less than two weeks.  Help us STOP them!

img_8210Mind you, the first plan for the pipeline would have crossed the river near Bismarck, North Dakota.  But the city rejected it, citing water pollution of their drinking source!  So downstream to the Indian lands they went — because yes, this is racism unleashed in the America that elected Trump: who cares in North Dakota if the Indians can’t have clean drinking water?  Of course, this is disingenuous at best — thousands of miles and millions of people of the non-Indian sort are downstream of the pipeline that will one day leak oil into one of America’s great rivers.  But by then, the oil magnates (including Donald Trump who invest one million bucks in this project – no conflict of interest there?) will have made their money and run to bankruptcy protection by the time lawsuits begin.

img_8143The local tribes all told of their efforts here — to stop a methane plant on the Tacoma tide flats — so far that is stopped.  But now that fight moves onward to stop a Liquid Natural Gas storage tank on the Tacoma waterfront is the current battle.  It is not a “local” benefit, nor does it serve local businesses or people and poses a huge risk of becoming a nuclear-like fireball in event of an accident.   If you live in the Pacific Northwest, these dangers DO involve YOU.  Please get involved and take action.  I’ve been saying “No blood for oil!” since the Bush wars began — but this “blood for oil” is NOT in Iraq — it is right here in America.  In cancer stats rising, in Indians no longer to use plants or shellfish on THEIR ancestral properties due to pollution from these oil industry projects, in clubbed down bodies on the line in Standing Rock.

img_8374The Amerindians are fighting for all of us — staking themselves to  protesting and stopping environmental dangers that will impact first them, then all of us.  Join them!  Aid them — if nothing else, out of a sense of terrible tragic irony: we took their world and destroyed their lives, yet still they fight for us all.  A speaker who went to Standing Rock told how the Sious prepared for going to the “front line” of barbed wire and armed cops to protest.  They spent over an hour in ritual and prayer.  Did they pray that their enemies would fall, would suffer horrors, defeat?

img_8377No.  They prayed that their enemies, cut off from the sacredness of nature would feel the love and force and majesty of the earth itself.  They prayed and did ritual to unleash the love of the planet to change the hearts and minds of the oil-hypnotized and money-crazed minions of Big Oil. This gathering was entirely peaceful and based on love of the earth and ALL its peoples.  It asked for unity with the people most likely to be oppressed — immigrants, Muslims, African-Americans, for instance.

It was my best day since Election Day.  I suppose as a whiter than white woman with an invisible drop of Native blood, standing there amidst so many darker faces?  According to the lights of the Trumpian America I should have felt threatened and at risk?  What I felt instead was connection and a deep humility.  I felt welcomed.  As someone old enough to be considered “an elder” — I was spontaneously offered food and drink not once, but THREE times.  And unlike the white America I’ve known?  The youth were not ignored, but welcomed and encouraged to speak and learn leadership.  

So I leave you today, with a tiny and possibly trite by some measures poem that is not my own.  But it was what I said when we knelt to offer whatever prayer we could make for our Mothering Earth – our planet, our home, our gem:

Earth her body,

Water her blood,

Air her breath,

Fire her spirit!

Now?  Throw some money in the pot, or yeah…no one will like you!  Because you need to “give back” in this extreme hour, for water, for people, for the earth!  We gave yesterday and will continue weekly.



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