Poetry and News From the Resistance


11/12/2016 by syrbal-labrys

fullsizerender-4Item: “Pin it” has a whole new meaning.

Item: Six Rules for surviving sanely in Trump’s America

Item: You know that server to Russia that nobody investigated?  Well, we should have; Trump is their man in Washington!  (And imagine, the Dems told us Sanders couldn’t win cause the GOP would call HIM a Communist?!)

Item: Pence is a theocrat who would torture gays.

Democrats do NOT need to “keep an open mind” about Trump and his wrecking crew.  We did that with George the Dumber, recall?  How did that work? Two wars, trillions of dollars and thousands of dead people?  Clinton and Obama are wrong; priding yourselves, as Americans, on an “orderly transition of power” when you are passing the government to the Trumpians is worse than arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.  It’s like passing matches to an arsonist, opening the gates of Minas Tirith to the Orks, or selling your children to vampires. I’m NOT ready to make nice.  I’m not going to make nice.  I’m a lousy poet — Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen are not lousy — click links even if my verse sucks!

Item: Poem – Dear Hillary and Barry

I know you mean well, broken-hearted

Don’t tell me to “accept” or bow down

Don’t ask my mind to open and drop my brain

For no, dear ones, don’t pretend normal

This is not normal because now, now, now

The barbarians are not at the gates

They are in the bedroom, the kitchen, the bath!

They are in the courts with their Book

Rewriting our lives, be a “good slave” or else

It’s like France being told the Vichy government

Was really French and really governed

They are in our heads chanting “your fault”

They are blaming us for willful stupidity

That they fostered in “useful idiots” to win

Saying we lack sympathy for those they use

When they will throw away their minions

Use, abuse, and discard like human kleenex

Resist, believe, say NO – though there may be chains

How long would you have chains last?

Your life?  Or your grand-childrens?

Please, do not “hasten to behave“!

Pin your heart tight to your sleeves

Sleeves of brown coats or purple dresses….





2 thoughts on “Poetry and News From the Resistance

  1. fdchief218 says:

    The various sources advising us that we need to “stay calm” are kidding themselves. We have never seen a government like this; Dubya wanted to do all the “tear out the New Deal” stuff that Ryan & Co. want but had to spend his two terms chasing muj, and both Bush 41 and Ronnie had Democratic Congresses AND a party that was a LOT less wingnutty.

    We’re gonna see the right-wing nuts, the Christopaths, and the out-and-out white power freaks emboldened like we’ve never seen them. We’re gonna get an openly pro-Gilded Age Congress sending bills to undo the 20th Century to a President who gives a shit and knows less than half a shit about what he’s gonna sign.

    I have no hesitation predicting that we’re going to see things like poverty and sickness return like we haven’t seen since the breadlines of 1929, and that’s even WITHOUT the depredations of the white power scum AND the long-term problems with drilling, baby, drilling…

    Yep. This is gonna suck on ice.

    • Yep, and the return of back alley abortions. And the apologists – hell – fine, if you say 50% of the Trump vote was disgruntled workers? That still leaves the other 50% as asshole racists, etc. and those “workers” unheard by the Dems? How the fuck do they think a rich guy who doesn’t even PAY people who worked for him AND hired undocumented workers, is ever going to give a damn about them?

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