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11/12/2016 by syrbal-labrys

fullsizerender-3My cat would prefer happy Caturday photo-posting. But no, off to join the Puyallup tribe in downtown Tacoma to protest for Standing Rock’s Sioux who are busy trying to keep Big OIl from polluting the Missouri River into something undrinkable.

So why is the “racism” category checked?  Because the suggestion to put the pipeline across the great river down by the oh-so-white communities was rejected. Can’t be messing up no nice white city water, eh?

The treaties call the reservations for Amerindians “Sovereign Nations” but what they really mean is “until we want to use something of theirs for ourselves.”  fullsizerender-2Also, it means they won’t let the Amerindians have real judicial power over white criminals on their lands.  It means they don’t care if they dig up sacred lands, because we all know the only thing “holy”  to the oil baron types is oil and money.  Well, fuck them.

Please help.  Call your Congress Critters and Senators.  Tell them NONE of us can drink oil.  The next wars will be for water — please don’t let the ones hoping to get their last few fortunes out of oil while polluting one of our great rivers by default.

And yes, fuck you GOP sorts.  This IS my fight song!


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