Incredibly Depressed


11/09/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1sugar shitNo, media outlets. It is not because Clinton didn’t have a strong message. It is because YOU, the media NORMALIZED absolutely outre behaviors by Trump. And because HE made autocratic promises to a bunch of racist, misogynist assholes as if treaties, budgets, MORALS, laws and oh, yes, that “goddamned piece of paper” – the Constitution are irrelevant.  She lost because a  bunch of scared old white men and everyone they talked to were scared shitless of women and brown people.

So yeah, just try letting yourselves off that hook you created by acting like Trump’s horrid hateful bullying ways were just “business as normal”, Moronic Media.  You ENABLED a man who treated women like sex toys and wasn’t investigated for having a computer server connected ONLY to FUCKING RUSSIA in his cellar!  You didn’t demand his taxes, but damn near investigated what freaking shade of lipstick Clinton chose for signs of communism.

And you, the FBI?  Meddling.  Wrongly.  You kept up the drumbeat of innuendo against Clinton while not looking into why Trump needed to contact the Russians with a dedicated server.  You are to blame as well for the hell that will envelope this nation if Trump is allowed to act as he is wont to do.

And you, the DNC?  You picked Clinton and would not consider Sanders.  Sanders would have swept the Rust Belt.  You helped do this.  You chose poorly.  I would have supported her, I did support her, anyway.  But she came with steamer trunks of hated baggage and if she’d been on the Titanic, she would not have been unsinkable.

I am done.  There is nothing really left for me to say.  The long night with no light at the tunnel’s end begins here.  If we are very lucky, Trump will not start another war.  But the Supreme Court is going to change the face of America for the next half century at the least.  The cops are going to feel enabled now to do what-the-fuck-ever they want.  Women are going to get slapped down a lot more.  The PLANET is going to be ignored in what will amount to death throes for most species living upon it.  I’d say the last progressive to leave America should turn out the lights?  But I think those lights are doused already.


2 thoughts on “Incredibly Depressed

  1. Sixbears says:

    My daughter and her family will be in Canada this weekend. They’ll be checking out to see if they want to raise their daughter there. I know a gay couple who just left for Canada in their RV today, they will “spend all their gay dollars in Canada.” It’s gotten real.

    Really hated Trump as he was the only reason I voted for Hillary. As bad as she is, she wasn’t about to burn the whole thing to the ground. People have no clue how ugly revolutions get. I’m working on a survival plan today. Survival. There are people who need me.

    • Here is the thing. I don’t believe Hillary is/was bad. I believe most of America was snookered by a bunch of white men with a kink in their dicks over a woman who acted like she had the same rights to power and effectiveness that THEY did. I think, just as my dear husband used to reflexively bitch bitterly about his first female boss, until I pulled him up short and said, “Hey, stop being an asswipe — if a man said ANY of the things she says and did ANY of the things she did, you wouldn’t blink an eye!” — a LOT of someones needed to do that to America with regard to HRC. She would have saved our asses. But Trump? The only asses he will save are his own, and the asses of his favorite toys. Trump didn’t only win because he fools the rednecks with autocratic promises of revamping America into the 1950s. He won because a bunch of male voters acted like little scared boys who were going to get fingers smacked for playing with their dicks in the lunch room.

      Is that harsh of me to say? Yes. And it should have been said louder and more harshly about 20 years ago when the Hillary-Hate began.

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