We Cannot Be Friends IF….

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11/08/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1sugar shit…there is this thing you did not do.

We cannot be friends if you did not vote today, or earlier.

This was the one point where I split from hilarious comic George Carlin: he said those who do NOT vote are the only ones entitled to bitch about politics because they didn’t “do it to themselves” so to speak.


Voters may error. But they at least don’t take the cowards way out. They take responsibility for making a choice. I know people who are undoubtedly voting for Trump. I will eventually speak to them again. But anyone who says to me, “I did not vote,” without following up how they were mid-coronary, knocked unconscious, in an ER fighting for life, etc? YOU, you are dead to me.

I don’t want to hear excuses:

“Well, my spouse votes the opposite way, we cancel each other — why bother?”
“It doesn’t really matter, it’s all fixed.”
“I don’t like either of them, ok?”

If you didn’t vote, and you want to be friends with me? I fear you will need to keep it like the darkest secret because I will be done, done, done. We need a Senate that will allow court seats to be filled. We need a Congress that will notice that the planet is melting down. We need someone NOT a con-man, liar, pussy-grabber as Chief Executive.


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