A Word To Electoral Oathbreakers

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11/08/2016 by syrbal-labrys

wethepeople_editI went to the Democratic caucuses here in Washington State this year. I went as a Bernie Sanders delegate after the first ground level meetings. But I said, and meant it, that I would vote for whomever the winner at the National Convention was — feeling it was almost certainly going to be Hillary Clinton.

At the final caucus I attended, we voted for the electors who would represent Washington voters in the Electoral College.  And each person running for that job promised to vote for the candidate that won at the National Convention, regardless if they were Clinton or Sanders supporters.   They would take an oath when elected, we were told, since they represent the Democrats of Washington State, not themselves.

Well, first one elector (and now a second whose name I cannot find) has publicly said he will NOT vote for Clinton.  He is breaking his oath, he is an oathbreaker.  In this household, that is about the lowest thing one can become.  He is pissing on his oath, his promise to the rest of us delegates and the citizens of the state that WE represented.  He says his Amerindian “honor” won’t let him vote for Clinton.

Well, hey, Jerkwad?  I have Amerindian blood, too and consider your oathbreaking an abomination! You HAVE no honor if you don’t keep your oath.  May the punishment your faithless action deserves be served to you on the beaks of crows and owls!


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