Just to Dispel Any Doubt


11/05/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Trump signs — big ones — abound in my neck of the woods. People angrily declaim in public, in stores, post offices, offices in general about the “crookedness” of politicians and hate of the government.  No counter argument suffices.  My memory takes voice and shrills in my head: “Rome went nuts at the end — maybe from lead poisoning; are we ALL Flint, Michigan?”


(Scratch #9 — the suit was dropped.  Damn it.)  I also care that numerous GOP politicians of the Bush years used private servers as well and fucking nobody is investigating THAT.

I care that rank hypocrisy on the Right is the order of the day while the Democrats are held to a standard more stringent than most beatified saints could have met.

I care that a man with more than a handful of bankruptcies, one who doesn’t pay people who work for him, can convince people he knows how to manage money.

I care that the moron media LIES  and then casually apologizes when caught, but the rabid right types shaking their fists at me and hanging Hillary in effigy don’t EVER make note of the lie.  In fact they embrace each lie as if it is their dearest love or best-fuck-buddy ever!

I care for the loss of apparent humanity and the uses made of Christian religion to make it seem somehow “proper” to treat women, minorities, helpless refugees, disabled people, Moslems, Jews and anyone else who is STILL acting human as if they in fact are less-than-human.

Let me be clear: I am not horrified on mere political grounds.  I am horrified to watch another horrible DESCENT of humans into utterly inhumane behavior!  My mind plays the instant of a sci-fi movie when hominids pick up a thigh bone to beat another hominid over the head, screeching and leaping in the dying light.

1vote blueI don’t believe Trump will win.  But the hatred and madness he has loosed in my country with the aid and abetting of the GOP and the moronic media (looking at YOU Fox, CNN, Washington Post, CBS, Scott-fucking-Pelley) outwardly supporting him or being mealy mouthed cowards in coverage — that hate will go on like some ghoulish anti-life thing.  So you will have to pardon me if when he loses, I enjoy the schadenfreude for a little while!  I really can’t bring myself to pity the GOP at all.

And yes, as a progressive, I’ve been told (and agreed to try) to consider the hardship of the out-of-work, ignored aging white workers who make the majority of Trump’s supporters.  I did try.  But here is the thing, ok?  I’ve run into a fair number of those people in my own life.  When I was struggling with the same economic pressures and troubles, do you know what THEY told me?  What they told any minority or immigrant who was in the same boat?

They said shit like “Get off your ass and work HARDER, bitch.”  They said things like “Well, you should have fucking planned better.”  Also, “You are married – go home and take care of your kids and let your husband earn the living.” This, in a nation that increasingly demands more than one paycheck for the basics!  Or “Well, you HAD those kids, it is YOUR problem.”  That last one is really rich from the anti-abortion, birth control is sin crowd, don’t you think?  These are the people who cut NO slack for anyone else, so after much consideration, I’ve decided they don’t deserve any slack cut.  Their hateful fist pump sign waving really is a clear statement to me.

1proud tbWhat they are saying is this:

“IF no blacks, Hispanics, women, disabled, gay, immigrant assholes were in the work force, I could have all I want again.  And fuck all of THEM, because they can get out or get UNDER US, a mostly white bunch of guys!

And I am not ok with that.  Just to be clear, I am very not ok with all that.  Specially since their chosen leader helped ship away their jobs and is not being called on it.  Specially since mechanization of the work place is more to blame than women and minorities, gays or what they call “cripples” for the loss of jobs.

It is the 21st century and I’m no longer at all sure that humanity has the least idea where the hell it is going.  But even an aging, out of work white woman can tell what road NOT to take!  I was never a fan of the Wizard of Oz, possibly because Frank Baum was a murderous racist with regard to Amerindians — but possibly also because even as a child, the “wizard” set off my bullshit detector?  Donald Trump’s promises remind me of the phony in the Emerald City – a little impotent man blowing up his image for effect.  Sadly, he doesn’t care if he blows up America or the planet earth as well.

Vote.  Vote ONCE.  Vote for sanity and the only world any of us standing here today will EVER have.  That is NOT a vote for Trump.


8 thoughts on “Just to Dispel Any Doubt

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    Some Thoughts:

    Regarding #9 – how much howling do you think there’d be if it was a Democratic politician, especially a woman or a non-lily-white one or someone with even vague connections to Mrs. Clinton instead of Trump?

    For that matter, if any Democratic politician or someone with even vague connections to Mrs. Clinton were even suspected of any of the items on that list, wouldn’t the wingnuts be screaming for their blood?

    Isn’t it a bit demeaning to refer to the Orange One as “Donald Trump” while Mrs. Clinton is just “Hillary”? To me that smacks of how children, subordinates and mere women are treated (granted, she uses “Hillary” standalone on her campaign materials, but shouldn’t she be addressed as a public servant instead of just a servant?).

    Am I wrong to anticipate, for the months following a hoped-for Trump loss that I will be living in fear that the country is going to go up in flames?

    In the year 1999, my wife died. A week later, my favorite cat died. At the end of that month, I got evicted from my apartment. I started having blackout episodes which Blue Cross refused to allow me to have the proper tests made to diagnose their cause. The cause turned out to be epilepsy, which I never knew I had. At the end of the year, I had a blackout while driving to work and killed a pedestrian. I was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide (those were dropped when, three months later, I was finally diagnosed). When I made bail and got out of jail, I found that I had no job to go back to. I could not afford my rent, so I had to move back with my mother, effectively erasing thirty years of my adulthood and putting me back where I was when I was still in high school. And yet, after all that happening in a single year, I was never as depressed as I am at the prospect of living under a president Trump. I was never suicidal, but I feel no urge to live under a president Trump. I don’t have to be suicidal, because I thing that in such a case, it would be impossible for me to survive. I sincerely believe that a Trump presidency would kill me, if not through his non-policies than at the hands of one of his rabid followers.

    • (edited to fix phone “call-in” comment issues) I do hate how Clinton is referred to by first name; I similarly dislike it when doctors and other alleged professionals refer to me by my first name while I am expected to call them Mr., Doctor, etc. that she uses her first name, herself, simply tells me it’s reclaiming power over her name, just as in how some women will use the word bitch to take it back from the man who use it as an epithet to disparage.
      As for your tragic story, yes, such desperation as life can reduce anyone to at any moment is heart-rending in the extreme. And yet there is no sympathy from the side that trumpets Donald Trump. If I am wrong and Donald Trump is winning on Tuesday night, I may well die of alcohol poisoning before Wednesday morning.

      • E.A. Blair says:

        I will be too busy on election day to self-medicate (until it’s over, at least); I am an election inspector, which is the local term for poll worker. I report for setup at 6:00AM, the polls close at 8:00PM and the breakdown and checkout takes anywhere from half an hour to two hours (depending on turnout). While the polls are open, we are not supposed to follow any news, whether on radio, TV or online, so we won’t know anything about how the polls are rolling until after eight or until we get home.

        I work in a heavily democratic ward (in the primary, Cruz got 31 votes and Trump got 15) so it’s never a surprise to find that the local results don’t match the city and state results. It was a real shock in 2010 to learn, for instance, that Russ Feingold lost his senate seat – he ran 92% in my ward. There were similar results for other races that called for some acute sobriety prevention measures.

      • I’m in a rabidly red county on the blue side of the state. Most votes here are mailed in … the suspense is murderous!

  2. Sixbears says:

    I never cared for Hillary. Hate is too strong a word, but I do dislike her. That’s another reason I truly hate Trump. He’s making me vote for Hillary. At least she won’t burn it all to the ground. While I don’t personally care for her, she’s able to do the job, unlike the angry spoiled man-child.

    I’ll be watching the results come in surrounded by family and friends. That brings me some comfort as we are in this together. As the nation goes crazy it’s good to have a tribe.

    • Yes, it is good – the small tribe here will hunker down as well.

    • E.A. Blair says:

      Don’t you think that if Mrs. Clinton was guilty of something, they’d have found it by now? She is probably the most scrutinized woman who has ever lived. She has been accused of consorting with demons – even of being a demon herself. People suffering from CDS (a mental disorder closely related to ODS) have run out of accusations so they just make things up and try to fabricate evidence. To quote Gertrude Stein: “There is no there there”.

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