Friday Five(Late*): Keep It Classy Crassy

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10/29/2016 by syrbal-labrys

ghost-hostReading the news proves I am never going to be the alcoholic my dad was! Why? Because if the following list doesn’t drive me to drink, nothing will:

(1)Fight the rigged election much, Trumpeteers?

(2)The black and white of “blind” justice?  Because hey, if the folks in Oregon hadn’t been white, they’d not have lived to be acquitted at a trial.  Why, oh why, did that judge not declare a mistrial when he KNEW he had a problem juror?

(3) We know all BLM “sorts” are criminals, right?  No, only the FAKE ones!

(4) Way to support the veterans, Anti-American Airlines!

(5) California?  YOU fucked up; why ask the vets to pay… as usual, too little too late.  And frankly, California is not the only place where the Pentagon is trying to snatch back money.

This kind of crud-crudites of living is why I need my ritual fix!

*Wordpress and I continue to hate each other.  This was scheduled for late last night…but noooo!  Had to hand publish Saturday afternoon.




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