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10/19/2016 by syrbal-labrys

12-shoes-for-12-lovers-by-sebastian-errazuriz-4I spammed a comment to the last post. The one about sexual harassment and assault.  A man named “Ed” commented that women “didn’t help when they voted for people who would make ‘us’ (men?) pay for things we don’t want to.” (Taxes, he said) and that if we wanted a more moral society we should raise our sons better.

Wow.  So women are to blame for our own harassment and sexual assaults because we vote in the way men don’t like?  As if women don’t pay taxes, too, btw? And we women alone are (again/still) the moral arbiters of parenthood?  Oh, yeah, that isn’t misogynistic, or sexist, or bullshit-crazy at all.

Because yes, rape is what you do whenever a woman pisses you off, eh?  Like the assholes in Argentina who killed a 16 year old?  Like that?  Black Wednesday indeed!

So, yeah, spam filed that one.  But I just have to point and laugh, because way to make my point that certain men in society really only “get it” when it is very sharply delivered.

So, Ed?  Fuck off, ok?


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