So Many Asshats, So Little Time

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10/19/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1wicked fk tiredAdmittedly, Trump is the big red ball of bastard hitting the top of the tower just like New Years in Times Square. But he isn’t the only bastard out there.

Wikileaks was generally a good thing, right?  But the last few weeks gave me a feeling that someone thought he was being very clever — all those convenient leaks about Clinton’s email….my, my, what timing, eh?

First I thought, but why would Assange fuck with Clinton?  Surely he isn’t stupid enough to consider Trump a better option?  Then a nasty little voice in my head said, “Because he wants Obama to give him amnesty from prosecution.”

Well, two issues with that — Obama is not in charge of Sweden, which is where he is wanted for questioning about some sexual assault charges.  (OK, IS he making common cause with the red(headed)ball of bastard?)  Mind you, when those came out, I frankly considered it the US saying to those nice Swedish women, “This is a baaaad man, and you want to help us get him, right?”

But now, I admit I feel a bit like I’m in a conspiracy-theory locker-room.  Is Mr. Assange trying to blackmail a sitting President with leaked information that threatens the election of the desired next President?  Apparently, his host nation – Ecuador – does think so!  So, hey, maybe I’m not paranoid.  Assange IS out to get her.


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