OMG, Pass The Vodka – Debate Open Mic


10/19/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Ye gods and goblins!  He keeps repeating the same buzzword lies.

Not 30 minutes in and he is losing it?  (Maybe he is drinking vodka?  Not water?)

– Singing Putin’s praises still.

– Interrupting her and saying “Wrong” about things he clearly said.

– Still suggesting breaking treaties with our partners.

– Of course he wants conservative pro-life (anti-woman) judges on the Supreme Court.

– Change every topic to “billing” Saudi Arabia and Germany ?!

– NAFTA was the darling of the GOP and American “captains of industry” and a bipartisan President Clinton signed it; it wasn’t even something Clinton started.

Yes, characterize EVERY abortion as a third trimester partial birth type.  Even tho’ those abortions are less than 100th of one percent!

He acts as if her 30 years in public life was all as Empress of the World – he holds her literally responsible for everything whether it was in her job purview or not!

Oh yes, a “phenomenal business”  – with SIX bankruptcies.  And a loss of almost a BILLION dollars in one year!

And NO, the sexual harassment claims have not been debunked.  The Clinton campaign didn’t pay anyone to start violence – is the idea that people might actually protest his racist, misogynist ass?!

Donald?  Do you know what “respect” means?

Oh, and how many personal emails have YOU deleted, Donald?

Donald?  One single Senator cannot unilaterally change ANY law, about tax code or otherwise!

And now, an hour in?  Cold vodka IS whispering to me of solace…..

Edit:  Excuse me, we wouldn’t have to retake Mosul if we “had never left” – so we now have to PERMANENTLY occupy the Mid-East?  Jesus fuck!

2 thoughts on “OMG, Pass The Vodka – Debate Open Mic

  1. Rowan says:

    *hands you the Grey Goose”

    If you are playing along with the drink per lie, we’ll be under the table, too.

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