How Does It Ever Get Better?


10/13/2016 by syrbal-labrys

wethepeople_editA good while back, about three blogging platforms ago; I said I was very worried about the direction of policing in America. I was fearful for civil liberties, and even more so in the wake of 9-11 when it became politically correct to be scared shitless of (1) anyone with an Arabic sounding name, (2) anyone vaguely Mid-Eastern looking, (3) anyone wearing a turban, (4) oh, and those black guys who we always are afraid of any-fucking-how who might be Muslims or something.  I was told to stop being paranoid.

It is not paranoia if what you fear IS in fact happening.

Watching black men and boys dying at police hands almost weekly (or more often) the past several months sends me to the edge of despair and rage.  I would like to remind America – privileged white America in particular – to keep in mind that if the police keep terrorizing citizens of color, it WILL affect us all.  Not only does it leave inactive white folks as complicit in a wave of racist legal abuse and murder, but it will accustom the police to being able to beat down ANYONE who has the nerve to mention rights to resist.  So while you ignore blue-on-black violence?  Your turn will come.  If you don’t believe me?  Watch that trailer at the link “resist” – because our cops ARE not military and are both scared and scary when they begin to see the populace as the enemy.

This week, I was more horrified to find that a black police officer was beaten and fired for trying to stop a brother officer from savagely choking a handcuffed prisoner.  What has happened to the brakes to apply to fear and anger?  If the police are not protecting and serving us, but fearing the ordinary citizens and protecting only corporate and government assets?  Who is left to protect us, “we the people”?


2 thoughts on “How Does It Ever Get Better?

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    Maybe in that graphic it should be spelled “Pee-pull”.

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