Open Letter To Pence and Kaine

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10/05/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1from womenI did not watch the Veep-debate. I know my limits for putting up with bullshit.

But I’ve been hearing about these two men and how they stand their ground about their “core values.”
And I DO have an opinion (or six) of my own about those alleged “values”. For BOTH of them.

Un-Dear Mike and Tim:

So, you both are committed to your “core” values.  Values about things like the rights of women to decide what their bodies have to put up with, and whether or not state-sanctioned murder is legal, (death-penalty).  My problem with BOTH of you?

First of all, you make those determinations based on your religious beliefs.  Which are not MY beliefs, just saying.

Second, you’re are not supposed to be basing your governmental actions on YOUR fucking beliefs and values and wishes AT ALL.  We live in a representative democracy.  That means, if you are an elected official your actions are to be based on the values and desires of your constituents –– and since we are a democracy?  Not a theocracy, those actions are to be based on the majority opinion of your constituents.

KissItYes, Mr. Kaine, you did say you had to follow the “law”, by which you mean the will of the people.  But really, you just had to church it up first?  You had to justify the death penalty by saying the Bible says it is ok?

So while the top graphic is for Mr. Pence and his “mandatory miscarriage funerals” that likely makes only undertakers drool?  You, Mr. Kaine, may STILL kiss my liberal democratic ass for the need to tie public fucking policy to the fucking Bible, ok?

We need another BRICK in the wall betwixt church and state, Sir; not another CHIP in that wall.

Pissedly yours,


P.S. Screw your religions, both of you.  And you sure as fuck don’t want to grant ME free practice of my own spirituality.  I advocate the death penalty for over-the-top-ignorance and religious ass-kissing.


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