Hide And Seek

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10/04/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1put down tea bag pick up bookThe American public, as near as I can tell, generally thinks of politics and the civic duty of staying informed and participating in political life is boring.  Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth when I was a senior in high school, you HAD to have at least a C in the course sometimes called “Civics”, sometimes “American Government,” to graduate.  I thought the course was fascinating, and a breeze.  I should have been worried back then when more than half my classmates were terrified of the class and found it difficult.

One cannot say this election year is boring.  (OK, if YOU can say that?  Don’t say it to me, I may do something shockingly violent.)  I find this year terrifying.  I feel like I have awakened in some dystopian novel of shifted time, almost “Man in the High Castle”- like in the ability to stun and dismay.  No, don’t quote me the internet saw about “lost already” for bringing up comparisons to Hitler.  I haven’t lost shit, but at least a third of my fellow citizens*  seem to have lost their fucking MINDS.

*Using the term very loosely- because if they had to pass a Civics exam to BE citizens they’d fail!  The very immigrants they so hate have a better chance of passing that exam — since they MUST to become citizens.

It is frankly nonsensical to claim there are not racist, fascist fucks out there beating the drum for  the not-so-great-pumpkin that is Donald Trump.  They are hiding in mostly plain sight, trying to keep it under wraps long enough to win just this one election.  These sorts of “citizens” don’t even care if it is the last election to be won for a good long time.  After all, they are marrying up with the GOP, the party of “I’ve got mine, fuck you!”

I QuitThe GOP politicians, aside from the comb-over king leading the charge of the light-brained brigade, have been coding their meaning for quite some time.  They play hide and seek with reality as it exists for ordinary people, and have for years, from their white entitled roost.  The internet trolls of the Right now adopt innocuous words to openly be racially insulting; but these assholes do it because they are already at the bottom of the economic pile and intend to climb higher on the battered bodies of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Moslems, and women.

Keep CalmThe election is coming, don’t play hide and seek with these guys, ok?  Play search and destroy on November 8th!  Get to the polls and vote for the America our Founding Fathers thought we would grow up to be.  That is not an America afraid of immigrants, embracing torture, nor any state religion.  It is not an America that thinks it reasonable that the party that once claimed Lincoln now stands for everything he was against!

It certainly is not the America that would let a con-man who runs casinos (into the ground, but never-mind) aspire to command the nation and the world.


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