Trump Supporters

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09/29/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1sugar shitSo, you are supporting Donald Trump for President? He obviously never studied Civics in school, he doesn’t know how government works. But you say, that is “good”? That is his strength?  Do you also look for an amateur when you want brain surgery or rocket science performed?  Because running this country is far more difficult than running a golf resort or opening casinos and hotels.

Sarcasm aside?  I have a long standing peeve with the idea that the words “change” and “progress” are treated as if they mean the same thing.  I agree with Trump supporters who say things need to change America, but I think we need a change that brings progress.  I don’t believe Trump is that change.  One of the biggest reasons is that if you go by the old saying of “birds of a feather flock together”?  His “flock” includes the former KKK Grand Dragon David Duke who says that because of Donald Trump he is “winning“.  What is he winning?  Why, the race war, of course?

IF that does not bother you?  Read no further.  Just know, every white face is not on your side and yes, some of us liberal old bitches own guns and know how to use them, too.  So, if your oh-so-white-hope wins and things go to hell in a racist hand-basket?  My household will fight, in every mode available.

Oh, and yes, we all swear a lot as we do it.  Like this.  If you are made the least bit uncertain that political bedfellows like David Duke are not a good American ideal?  Well, stay on that train of thought and vote for someone who will care about more than rich guys, about more than white guys, about more than guys, and about what it really means to be America!  Please.



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