Yes, I Watched


09/27/2016 by syrbal-labrys

wtf_treeMan, was that painful.  No, I don’t like Trump.  But all that aside?  Painful for different reasons.  Painful this morning as I read what people who DO like Trump thought was “good” about how he did or didn’t do in the debate.

To be honest, lately, I admit to some personal history confusion and watching the debate last night reminded me that my political childhood was a metaphor made like I like my salads — chopped and mixed!  I am no spring chicken.  Thus, when I see Trump supporters claiming that now is the “worst” in race relations in America ever, my eyes frankly almost roll out of my head.

Yes, this IS where I bore you with tales of seeing black children in their “separate but equal” school bus – an open pick-up truck bed, going to their allegedly separate but equal schools in Louisiana before desegregation laws took effect.  Why am I boring you with this again?  Because Trump feels blowing his own horn (Ouch – sorry for that nearly unintended sexual image, ya’ll) is “establishing good relations with the black community.”  That’s why.   Admittedly, that was just a small glinting bit of the whole cubic zirconia “sparkle” of the Donald “being himself” – all real and stamina-filled Presidential!

See, I can remember, like someone else I greatly respect, back when there was a bit more confusion over which party was the one full of racist pricks.  In my family, my parents cancelled each others’ votes, it’s not odd that they did, but odd how they did.  My father was a racist.  My mother claimed to not be one, though she talked an awful lot about “trashy people of color driving Cadillacs”.  My mother voted Democrat and wept aloud when JFK was shot.  My father, the open racist, who beat me if he caught me playing with little black kids in the neighborhood, voted Republican.  Obviously, they were on some political cusp or other and strongly in opposition to each other in more than politics.  I don’t think the GOP is on a political cusp presently, btw; that would mean they had wised up beyond their own denial of America being a multi-racial nation with an aging, dying white majority.

The debate reminded me of my conflicted parents because when Trump was called on supporting the war on Howard Stern’s show, he swore up and down it was the liberal media not telling how he argued against it on some right-wing pundit’s show.  This made me wonder if Trump always says BOTH things on every topic, in different venues?  Then he can claim, at his convenience, to be either against or for whatever it is under the media’s blurry magnifying glass, you see.  My dad used to do something similar: my mom would chapter and verse him on Democrats fighting poverty and racism and he would ask her how she “liked them Southern Dems who know how to do Jim Crow?”  He would say how he’d vote for “them good ole’ boys, myself” and she would be spitting mad and silenced.

Trump also pulled that, as the media has pulled it all along.  Trump can bitch about negative ads from the Democrats, but his own name-calling on every stage is not questioned much.  He can be a two-faced word-salad tosser on par with Sarah Palin, but never be doggedly pursued on stuff that matters — like whether he has paid any income tax on his alleged billions, or even why the IRS audits him so freaking often.

Last night, Mr. No-Prep-So-I-Can-Be-Myself tried to cue off of Clinton’s answers whenever he could.  He failed pretty miserably and fell back on his own few “bonafides” — the usual verbal septic tank spill-over he spits out in front of his (yes, they are) deplorable supporters.  He thinks he can tell NATO allies to pay for our military support as if we are some 21st century Swiss mercenaries, apparently?  He clearly lacks understanding of how 21st or even 20th century recording devices work – since he denies saying things that are perfectly well documented on video.

Yet, polls will go on saying Americans love Trump.  But does America?  Or is it just that the majority of voters are fucking sick of getting polls sent at a dozen or twenty a day?  And the only ones still enthusiastically replying ARE the deplorables?

I’m a former Bernie supporter.  I am voting for Hillary Clinton.  The pollsters can stop insulting my intelligence and political loyalty with lines about “OMG, ____, you didn’t reply or give us money; are you REALLY supporting Trump.”  No.  I am not; unholy hell-on-earth-if-he-wins — if I had taken a shot every time I said “OMG, what an ass he is!” last night, I’d have died of alcohol poisoning!



2 thoughts on “Yes, I Watched

  1. Sixbears says:

    You are made of stronger stuff than I. It’s all I could do to watch a 5 minute clip. I supported Bernie too so I’m pretty disappointed with the choices. However, I cannot vote for Trump. Cannot be part of that Sh*t show. Really mad that I have to vote for Hillary to stop him, but so it goes.

    One thing that’s happened is that all the people running for the lesser offices look pretty normal, at least here in NH. They are reality based who understand that working with those on the other side is the only way to get things done. At one time I could have gotten worked up about their differences, but those seem pretty minor now.

    • Even our state house here has gotten bogged down, “shit show” is a good phrase for it. Clinton’s answers WERE reality based, at least the debate did something to counter the overwhelming amount of free “not really news”time the networks have given to Trump. That spoilt oaf simply cannot be given power over American lives!

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