Voices In the Dark


09/26/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1acq taste.Lately, my mind has been playing songs to me — not just the casual earworms, you understand; no, it has a coherent program of its own. I have to listen to my head, out here on the lonely edges, you see?  I hear Joan Baez singing about Steven Biko with the poignant line, “The outside world is black and white, with only one color dead” – but that is only the opening act.  Then my mind does a mish-mash of Simon and Garfunkel and Disturbed singing “The Sounds of Silence” because it does seem we are incapable communicating anything coherent.  Frankly, this is because a lot of people are not listening.

White Americans seem to insulate themselves in lies.  We want to believe that the black folks being shot by cops are just “not getting it right”.  More truth is that they are not getting any rights.  Like the one to life.  So, I encourage my mostly white readers — actually, no I challenge you. I challenge you to hear some voices from the darkness — from the darkness of what it is to be other than white in America.

Read, for instance, how so many dangerous armed white men are NOT shot, by cops.

Read how long the tale is of telling black peoples they should want to be just like us, instead of being savages like themselves.

Read how it is time to call institutionalized murder what it is and stop making excuses!

Finally?  Face the bitterness that is black “allegiance to the flag” — it makes laughable my own irritation over that added bit about “under God” (which one?!) that I dither about.

If you can’t listen to black men and women, listen to this old white broad telling you, these are voices you need to hear!  It is time for the sounds of this long enforced silence to end.  America always has plenty to say when other countries kill based on race, our “exception” is apparently when it happens HERE.

And last, a late edition — a voice from even darker places that the American psyche does not want to consider.



One thought on “Voices In the Dark

  1. Boneweaver (aka pjvj) says:

    I read an article recently (or a FB post, maybe?) where a WOC was thanking the anonymous white woman who saw her pulled over by a cop, pulled up along side, and when the cop asked what she was doing, she answered something to the effect of, “Just watching” and stayed the whole time. That’s a very doable thing for any of us, because stats are significantly different for POC encounters with police when white people are present. From protests, to traffic stops.

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